Taraji P. Henson to know she’s an completed actress. She’s winner BET awards, NAACP picture awards, a golden Globe award, a display screen Actors Guild award, and also she even has her very own star ~ above the Hollywood go of Fame. The veteran actress, who’s showed up in films such together Baby Boy, Hustle & Flow, hidden Figures, and her recent Muppets Haunted Mansion, recently revealed throughout an appearance on “Good Morning America” that it to be “time because that a pivot” in she career, and also she’s made decision to do music.

“I actually have actually an EP the I’m working on. Surprise!” she told hosts Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos and also Michael Strahan. Henson defined that she thought she may have actually missed out on a career in music because she ended up being a mother early on in college. However, 2 of her many recent films — Muppets Haunted Mansion and Miss Hannigan — compelled her come sing, which reawakened she passion.

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“I’m just working on some really good, feel-good music,” Henson said. “I’m not trying to toot my very own horn here, however it was time for a pivot because I’ve done so numerous iconic roles, you know what ns mean? the like, i can’t just, friend know…acting it needs to be something the excites me and challenges me. Like, miss out on Hannigan in Annie, challenges me. It is musical theater, acquisition me earlier to my roots. So, it’s around just continuing to difficulty myself.”

“I preserved saying the music, I could have let go it due to the fact that I ended up being a mommy so early in college, but God has actually other plans for me due to the fact that the music is simply really falling in my lap,” she added. “It began with The Muppets, and through The Muppets, i booked Miss Hannigan, and also it just keeps coming. So, ns gon’ journey the wave. Why not?”


Henson also hinted critical month that an EP might be top top the means as she arrived on the red carpet because that the 2021 Emmy Awards. As soon as E! co-host Karamo Brown asked the Washington D.C. Native, “have you ever before wanted to reduced an album?” Henson replied, “You been talk to somebody? remain tuned!” Henson made her major singing debut in the 2005 movie Hustle & Flow. “It’s tough out below for a Pimp,” composed by three 6 Mafia and performed through Henson and also Terrence Howard in the movie, won the Academy award for best Original track in 2006.

Watch Taraji talk about her upcoming EP on “Good Morning America” below:

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