Today I’m going come share a spread that i use very often because that myself. It’s called the “Nothing much more Than Feelings” tarot spread.

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It’s a tarot spread around feelings in between two people. It might be because that potential/current/past romantic partners, company partners, partner or arch-nemesis.

As lengthy as there space two people and also as long as friend have call with each other you deserve to use this tarot spread. (I nothing recommend utilizing it to check out your relationship with Tom Hiddleston, because that example.)

I usage this spread out a lot, a bit too much. The factor being i’m chicken as soon as it concerns directly interacting with others.

Still, it’s a funny spread.

Partner connection tarot spread


There are two parts to it, ~ above the left we have actually Party A (usually yourself) and also on the best we have actually Party B (the various other person).

The an initial level is exactly how you feel about your partner and how your companion feels about you.The second level is just how do friend feel around yourself in this relationship, and also how your companion feels around themself in this relationship.Then over there is result of this relationship.

And in ~ last, we have actually the card the I like the most: “How to do the relationship better”.

You can change the definition of the last map to: “How to reduced ties indigenous this person” if you want to gain away from them.

Pick the last map after you have flipped open and also explained the various other cards.

Example of the spread out in action


Using myself and also Party B as an example, here’s just how I check out for myself using the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck.

How ns feel about Party B: The Moon

The Moon is about confusion. I carry out tend to feeling that i don’t obtain this human at all. “Are you who I think girlfriend are? Or perhaps you’re not.” He’s certainly a riddle or a mystery.

How Party B feels about me: items of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles relates come money. The symbolises who who has plans and also is front thinking as soon as it pertains to money.

Party B likely thinks the I have long-term strategy plans about my life as soon as it pertains to money.

How i feel around myself in this relationship: nine of Swords

Nine of Swords which is emotionally pain. So much pain that i wake increase in the center of the night crying.

I need to admit this is a little bit of one exaggeration. Ns mean, don’t carry out that every night.

How Party B feels around themself in this relationship: web page of Cups

Page of cup is someone who’s in the baby/beginning steps of a relationship. He’s still not that tires emotionally yet is willing to explore.

The outcome of this relationship: Ten of Pentacles

This is a card around a happy family members that is happy and has product wealth. That usually good when it’s a partnership reading.

And if ns pair this through the cards related to Party B, this is a optimistic sign.

How to do the relationship better: 2 of Cups

This is a really an excellent card when it concerns relationships too. It’s around people who begin as friends and also then they became more.

In the card, one of them is reaching out first. For this reason in this situation, I translate it as I gift the one who needs to do the move.

Overall interpretation

Tarot analysis is also about looking in ~ the big picture. Based upon the cards, I’d say the Party A (me) worries too much about nothing since this connection does have actually legs.

And if I want to avoid worrying, I’d have to make the move.

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If you’d prefer to perform a analysis with this spread, allow me understand by emailing Or re-publishing your very own reading the yourself and also another party.