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The TeamViewer companion did not connect to the router error is a an outcome of network-related issues.Disabling the IPV6 top top both computer systems should enable your partner to connect to the router.Checking your TeamViewer version and also updating the tool will deal with the link problem.There are various other premium remote accessibility tools out there. Switch to one the is continuous updated.

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When you try to connect from a remote client to the server or computer, you might encounter a companion that walk not affix to the router error in TeamViewer. The complete error reads:

No connection to partner! partner did not affix to router. Error code:WaitforConnectFailed!

This error typically occurs if the partner computer is not connected to a network. However, the can additionally be prompted by faulty installation and incompatible TeamViewer versions installed on both computers.

In this article, us have listed a pair of troubleshooting tips to aid you settle the TeamViewer partner did not connect to router error.

How perform I deal with the TeamViewer partner unable to attach error?

1. Disable IPV6 ~ above both computers

In control Panel, go to Network and also Internet > Network and also Sharing Center.From the left pane, click on Change adapter settings.Right-click on her currently energetic network adapter.In the Properties window, uncheck the Internet Protocol variation 6 (TCP/IPv6) option.Click OK to use the changes.

Once you have disabled IPV6, make certain to repeat the actions on her client’s computer as well.

Try connecting come TeamViewer and also check if the TeamViewer partner could not be contacted in ~ the offered network attend to error is resolved.

If you have actually a windows phone and also you wish to manage your computer remotely v TeamViewer, check this useful article out and also learn how.

2. Inspect TeamViewer version and also update

Open TeamViewer on your computer.Click ~ above Help and select About TeamViewer.Note under the variation number.Check if your customer is likewise running the same version or other versions.Download and also install if a new version is found.

If you or the customer is to run an outdated variation of TeamViewer, it may fail to connect, resulting in the Teamviewer is no running ~ above a partner computer error.

Make sure both the computer systems are to run the latest version of TeamViewer to avoid any conflict.

3. Allow full access control come TeamViewer

Launch TeamViewer on your computer.Click Extrasand choose Options.Click top top the Show progressed options button.Under Advanced settings for relations to this computer section, click the drop-down menu and also select Full Access.Click OK to save the changes.Restart TeamViewer and check for any type of improvements.

4. Flush the DNS configuration

Press the Windows an essential + S and kind cmd.Once done, leave the Command Prompt and check if the TeamViewer is not running ~ above the partner computer error is resolved.

Outdated DNS entries can cause connection issues. Clearing the DNS cache can help you resolve any kind of connection issues emerging due come corrupted DNS entries.

5. Restart the network

Make certain the modem is rotate on.Pull the cable native the ago of her modem.Make certain all the lights are off and also leave the modem idle for a minute.Connect the modem cable and also turn on the device.Wait for the modem’s lights to prevent blinking and also turn green.Try connecting come TeamViewer and check for any improvements.

Many network-related difficulties can be quickly fixed through restarting your internet modem or router.

The partner did not affix to the router error in TeamViewer can be fixed by disabling the IPV6 protocol.

However, if the issue persists also after disabling the IPV6 protocol, shot clearing the DNS cache and also giving full accessibility control to TeamViewer.

If you continue having problems, friend can try a various remote regulate software. Give Mikogo a try as it has an up-to-standard set of features. Or you can also choose among these remote management software, castle of great quality as well.

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That’s around it for this article. Us hope among our options solved the trouble for you. Make certain to allow us know what settled for friend in the comment ar below.