Tempurpedic neck pillows are an extremely popular since of the memory foam they’re make of, which provides your neck groundbreaking support. The pillows come in a variety of different sizes, from travel-sized to large, and with so numerous options, it have the right to be complicated to choose. So, exactly how do you pick the exactly Tempurpedic pillow size for her needs?

To pick the ideal Tempurpedic neck pillow size, you must take into consideration your shoulder size, because Tempurpedic is designed for suitable alignment. First, measure her shoulder come head length, and also then choose the pillow size that finest matches up. You should additionally consider even if it is you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, and what form of pillow firmness friend prefer, before you do a selection. The best pillow will get rid of your neck pain and make her sleep an extremely comfortable. 

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Tempurpedic Neck Pillow dimension Chart

Size Price Length Width Height
Travel dimension Tempurpedic Pillow ~$80 12 inches 10 inches 4 inches
Small dimension Tempurpedic Pillow ~$90 20 inches 12 inches  3 inches
Medium size Tempurpedic Pillow ~$100 20 inches 12.8 inches 4 inches
Medium Cooling Tempurpedic Pillow ~$130 20.1 inches 12.6 inches 3.9 inches
Large Tempurpedic Pillow ~$130 20 inches 12.5 inches 4.8 inches
StandardQueen Tempurpedic Pillow ~$150 24 inches 17 inches 4 inches
All-Purpose Tempurpedic Peanut Pillow ~$50 11.5 inches 11.5 inches 4.5 inches
Travel Neck – Tempurpedic Horseshoe Pillow  ~$80 12 inches 11 inches 3 inches

How to Measure and Choose the appropriate Tempurpedic Neck Pillow

The dimension of the neck pillow you pick will greatly depend top top your very own shoulder size and also your resting preference. As per company recommendations, larger individuals may discover that larger-sized pillows are an ext comfortable and conversely, those who room smaller-framed may find that the smaller-sized pillows administer the finest experience. In spite of these recommendations, however, your an option is still approximately your own personal preferences. 

You may more than 6 feet tall, have a huge frame, but still prefer to have a smaller pillow with a low profile. If that’s no the standard recommendation, it’s your choice, and you’re complimentary to go v a smaller pillow. We are all various after all.

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Whether you prefer your pillow big or small, you may still want to understand the encourage neck pillow size, based upon your measurements. 


To determine the said tempurpedic neck pillow to use, follow this steps: 

step 1. Acquire a ruler.  step 2. Place the ruler perpendicular to your neck - so, the leader is horizontal, if you’re law this upright. Step 3. Now, measure the distance from the base of her neck to the end of your humerus bone (or wherein your collarbone and arm bone meet). Step 4. Compare the measurement come the Tempurpedic Pillow dimension chart below.
Shoulder to Neck Side Sleeper Back Sleeper
Up come 4 inches Small Small
4 come 6 inches Medium Small
6 come 10 inches Large Medium
More than 10 inches Large Large

NOTE: If your Shoulder come Neck measure falls between two sizes, climate you should go because that the smaller size.

It’s also good to remember that the Tempurpedic neck pillow has actually two contoured edges – one higher profile and one reduced profile. Relying on your resting habits, girlfriend can pick to usage either leaf of the pillow to discover the right fit for you. 

Tempurpedic doesn’t have actually recommendations concerning the pillow-size decision for stomach sleepers, since the form of the border don’t particularly help stomach sleepers gain comfortable.

If you aren"t satisfied v the dimension of her tempurpedic pillow, friend might think about our guide about how to cut a storage foam pillow, mattress, or topper

Does Tempurpedic offer a King size Pillow?

Well, the brief answer is – yes. Tempurpedic does do king dimension Tempurpedic pillows, yet only in the traditional or typical pillow shape, and also not the contoured neck assistance variant. If she okay with a standard pillow without contoured neck support, look in ~ the graph below. 


The Tempurpedic King size pillow dimensions and also styles space as follows:

Size Length Width Height Price
Tempur Pedic ProForm - King – High Profile 33.5 inches 16 inches 6.5 inches ~$170
Tempur Pedic ProForm - King – Mid Profile 31 inches 16.5 inches 6.5 inches ~$170
Tempur Pedic ProForm - King – low Profile  30 inches 16 inches 5.8 inches ~$170
Tempur-Proform – ProHi – Cooling –King 34 inches 16 inches 6.6 inches ~$220
Tempur-Proform – ProLo – Cooling - King 33.2 inches 15.8 inches 5 inches ~$220
Tempurpedic TempurCloud - King  35 inches 19 inches 6.5 inches ~$170
Tempurpedic TempurCloud Breeze - dual Cooling - King 35 inches 19 inches  6.4 inches ~$210

Generally, king size Tempurpedic pillows are the largest, in regards to dimensions. The Tempurpedic king dimension pillows work best for larger people who desire the additional support – though, they’re likewise perfect for anyone (big or petite) who prefers a big pillow come sleep on or cuddle in bed.

The king dimension Tempurpedic Proform ProLo pillow is extra soft and has a low profile of 5.8 inches. This is particularly designed to conform to the demands of back and stomach sleepers. Since this pillow supplies micro TEMPUR-material cushions, it offers a much more traditional standard pillow feel. This pillow promotes relaxation as it supports her body to relax pressure. 

You can additionally have the Tempurpedic King dimension Proform pillow in mid profile at 6.5 inches high. The cushion is quiet soft, and it’s design for every sleepers.

If you favor a tool firmness, climate you have the right to go because that the ProHi version of the King dimension Tempurpedic Proform pillow. This pillow works great for all varieties of sleepers yet the medium-feel might be particularly appreciated by side sleepers. Take a look in ~ our tips on just how to make tempurpedic pillows softer if her pillow is as well firm.

If you favor what the Tempurpedic Proform Pillow offers but you uncover yourself frequently waking up drenched in sweat, then you could want to take into consideration going because that the Tempurpedic Proform King Cooling Pillow. This pillow ingeniously incorporates 2 cooling gel pads in its style to aid keep girlfriend cool at night. You can opt because that the high profile model if you want an ext support for her neck. Consider reading this write-up on exactly how long it takes memory foam to expand and also what wake up if you usage it as well soon.


Or, you deserve to opt because that the Tempurpedic Proform King Pillow v the lower mid profile if you prefer. 

The TempurCloud King Pillow indigenous Tempurpedic utilizes the softest main point yet, thus the to compare to resting on a cloud. This kind of pillow gives an extra soft feel for all types of sleepers. This large king-sized pillow is awesome for bigger individuals, or anyone who prefers larger pillows in bed. 

If you’re specifically prone to resting hot since of the regional climate in her area or your very own body functioning, climate you may want to obtain the TempurCloud King Pillow v the double cooling gelatin pad. This type of pillow is dubbed the TempurCloud Breeze. The “Breeze” component of the name denotes the cooling nature the the pillow, which helps dissipate warmth from her head, face and also neck, helping you remain comfortably cool throughout the night.

How to usage a Tempurpedic Neck Pillow

The Tempurpedic Neck Pillow is especially designed because that the relief of neck pain and also pressure. It has actually two contoured, raised, ergonomic edge of unequal elevation for your neck, with a dive in the middle to rest your head. 

To usage a tempurpedic neck pillow follow this steps:

action 1. Obtain the recommended dimension neck pillow for her body, or you deserve to opt because that a bigger or smaller sized one based on your preference.  step 2. Put the Tempurpedic neck pillow top top the bed or any kind of other resting surface. Action 3. Remainder your head directly over the Tempurpedic neck pillow, making sure to location your neck ~ above the increased contoured edges and also your head top top the emboldened in the middle.Note: The Tempurpedic Neck Pillow is ergonomically draft to complement the sleeping formats of side and earlier sleepers. The is no recommended for stomach sleepers. Over there are various Tempurpedic pillows designed because that stomach sleepers that space shaped much an ext like traditional pillows. Step 4. Uncover the elevation of your neck support for correct cervical alignment. The two increased contoured edges of the tempurpedic pillow space of unlike height. Choose in between these two ergonomic neck supports, depending upon your needs and also preferences.

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How to usage the take trip Sized Tempurpedic Neck Pillow

When you’re turn off to travel, whether for service or for pleasure, Tempurpedic gives you three good options: the Travel-sized Tempurpedic Neck Pillow, the take trip Horseshoe Neck Pillow and also the All-Purpose Peanut Pillow.


The Travel-sized Tempurpedic Neck Pillow

The travel sized Tempur-pedic neck pillow is a cute tiny pillow that gets the project done. It is shaped much like that is full-sized siblings, complete with two raised ergonomic edge - the file of which are the same, just like the medium neck pillow. This travel pillow is smaller sized in regards to width and length, make it simple to pack for a company trip or vacation. The fits nicely in your backpack, luggage, or your automobile so that you deserve to maintain suitable cervical spine alignment even when you’re sleeping far from home.

To use a travel sized tempurpedic neck pillow correctly follow these steps:

action 1. Put the pillow ~ above the bed or any kind of other sleeping surface. Step 2. Remainder your head top top the pillow. Make certain to lay her neck over among the two elevated contoured neck support edges.  step 3. Adjust the level that neck support by rotating the pillow 180 degrees, so you can rest her neck top top the other ergonomic neck support.Note: The Travel-sized Tempurpedic Neck Pillow is designed for side and ago sleepers. That is not recommended because that stomach sleepers.

The take trip Horseshoe Tempurpedic Neck Pillow

The take trip Horseshoe Tempurpedic Neck Pillow is the best travel-mate as soon as you desire to safeguard your neck native improper alignment while you’re on the road or ~ above the plane. This horseshoe (or C-shaped) neck pillow is made out of TEMPUR material, which way that it gives personalized comfort and also neck support whenever you usage it. If it"s designed largely to be provided for a seated resting position, it works perfectly well as your main pillow in bed if traveling. 

To usage a take trip Horseshoe (C-shaped) Tempurpedic Neck Pillow properly follow these steps:

action 1. While you’re sit in the automobile or sit in your seat ~ above a plane, location the C-shaped Tempur-pedic Pillow behind her neck.  step 2. Make sure that the concave part or the inside component of the C-shape is put firmly ~ above the ago of your neck. Step 3. Place the two protruding arms of the C-shaped Horseshoe take trip pillow on each side of her neck and also you are done. You have the right to now remainder your head comfortably and sleep soundly in transit to her destination.

The All-Purpose Peanut Pillow

The All-Purpose Peanut Pillow is a really versatile pillow native Tempurpedic. It’s make from the very same NASA occurred memory foam together the other groundbreaking pillows, and also it’s small enough to lug along wherever you go. Together its name suggests, its form is memory of the form of the intact shell of a peanut. It has two bulbous shapes connected by an ever so slim dip in between.

The Tempurpedic Peanut pillow is so functional that you can use it because that neck support, a bed pillow, leg support, a foot spacer or lumbar support. To usage it, simply place that under the body component you desire to assistance - No special instructions required.

Tips come Experiment through Pillows to determine Which One finest Is finest for You

Unfortunately, Tempurpedic classifies their pillows as an individual items, and as such cannot be returned. The only time they will accept returns and issue replacement would certainly be due to a manufacturing defect, and not a readjust of mind or experimenting on the buyer’s part. The Tempurpedic pillows, however, space covered through a 5-year minimal warranty.

Since Tempurpedic doesn’t allow trials and also returns because that pillows, the only way you can gain to test out the different varieties of Tempurpedic pillows prior to your purchase is to walk into a brick and also mortar retailer.

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However, if friend know family members or a close girlfriend who has actually one, then you can probably ask that human to try out theirs prior to you decision on buying one. The thing around this is the you are only limited to discovering the one pillow your family members or friend has.

You can likewise get a great idea the the range of different types of Tempurpedic pillows the firm offers by walking onto your website, or watching testimonial videos online.