THIS IS an ANIME ONLY discussion POST. Carry out NOT talk about THE MANGA past THIS EPISODE.----------------------------------------Lol, all these characters getting names native Rimuru.Finally got to watch Millim getting some lines in this episode. About time. She make a hell the a visibility already. I uncover Rimuru and also Milim's personality chemistry nice amusing. Definitely not someone to mess v either considering her abilities.

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Millim is no as annoying together I assumed she would be.This episode was an extremely relaxing come watch, I particularly liked Rimuru sheathe in a towel.

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Oh damn. This anime had a lot of of good waifus, yet Milim has actually potential to it is in the ideal one. The is, if she doesn't go "annoying brat" way. She is cute therefore far.Hopefully Rimuru strength up soon. Him gift so outclassed provides me feeling uneasy lol
what the?!I Love just how the anime upgrades Milim Abruptness level
favor that . It's at least a dozen times much better than the manga