There’s a component of this superior movie the doesn’t make sense to me: What the hell is Darth Vader up to? Yes, the easy read is the he’s getting here just gradually to gain the fatality Star plans and kick some serious ass… yet there’s likewise a different method to look at his duty in this film.

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Consider this dialog (emphasis mine):

Darth Vader: you seem unsettled.Orson Krennic: I yielded the weapon the Emperor requested. Ns deserve an audience come make certain he understands its remarkable… potential.Darth Vader: Its strength to produce problems has definitely been evidenced — a city destroyed, an imperial city open minded attacked?Orson Krennic: that was branch Tarkin who suggested the test.Darth Vader: you were not summoned right here to grovel, director Krennic.Orson Krennic: No, it’s…Darth Vader: There is no death Star. The Senate has been notified that Jedha was damaged in a mining disaster.Orson Krennic: Yes, mine lord.Darth Vader: I suppose you not to rest until you deserve to assure the Emperor, the Galen Erso has actually not endangered this weapon, in any way.

When I an initial saw the movie I thought this step was simply Krennic’s effort to grovel for power over the fatality Star… yet then Vader level out states he was summoned. I beg your pardon doesn’t really make much sense, walk it?

Then Vader speak Krennic to make sure the emperor to trust that there is no problem with the death Star. Again: this doesn’t do sense.

Unless Darth Vader wants the death Star destroyed. I type of think that does. That the only thing that provides sense here.

Don’t Be too Proud of That technical Terror

Vader has never really cared for the death Star. Take into consideration this scene from episode IV, when Motti argues that it’s more powerful than the force:

Motti: any type of attack made by the Rebels against this terminal would it is in a useless gesture, no issue what technological data they’ve obtained. This station is now the ultimate power in the universe! I indicate we usage it.

Vader nothing be too proud of this technical terror you’ve constructed. The ability to ruin a world is insignificant alongside the power of the Force.

Motti: Don’t try to frighten us through your magician ways, mr Vader. Her sad devotion to that old religion has not aided you conjure up the steal data tapes or given you clairvoyance sufficient to discover the Rebels’ concealed fort–



Don’t threaten Darth with Technology

The death Star is a danger to Vader’s power. That can destroy planets and Vader doesn’t prefer the idea that he’s not required anymore.

Motti no the just one. Tarkin take away shots at Vader anytime he can (emphasis mine):

Darth Vader: the is here. Branch Tarkin: Obi-Wan Kenobi? What provides you think so? Darth Vader: A nervous in the Force. The critical time ns felt it remained in the existence of mine old master. Branch Tarkin: for sure he have to be dead by now. Darth Vader: Don’t underestimate the Force. Governor Tarkin: The Jedi space extinct, their fire has actually gone the end of the universe. You, mine friend, are all it is left of their religion.

It seems reasonably obvious that Tarkin and also his minions don’t think lot of Vader anymore now that they deserve to blow increase planets.

Strange, ethereal Symbolism

When I very first saw Rogue One I assumed that it was a bit odd that there to be so numerous overt referrals to Vader’s ominous breathing. Think about the an initial time we check out adult Jyn:


The very first thing we hear is her breathing… a deep, practically mechanical sound. She climate sits up and looks over at her cell mate who does the same. One ugly creature v a deep, raspy breath. Generally I would certainly think this is just scene-building… however so lot time is bring away here.

And then we have actually Saw Gerrera. His character is a bit 1-dimensional in the film, but he has actually a very interesting scene in which he takes a long, mechanical breath indigenous his breath tube and it practically hits you over the head just how much the sounds prefer Darth Vader.

He then claims something that made me ponder miscellaneous (I don’t have the exact quote… this is indigenous memory):

And today… of all the days… you present up

Is There more To Jyn 보다 We Know?

I have a negative habit of seeing the Dark side in everyone. I won’t walk so far regarding suggest the Jyn is some type of dark jedi… yet you have to wonder. Before we gain to that, consider why this might be the case.

Vader desires to to like the rebellion, however he desires to execute it. The fatality Star is not only in his way, it’s additionally causing that to shed a many power. What if he could concoct a arrangement where 1) the death Star is destroyed and also 2) the rebels room crushed?

A simple method to perform that would certainly be to leak the plans for the death Star, along with its weaknesses, i m sorry would draw the rebel fleet into an attack. You could crush them and also the fleet in ~ the very same time.

Yes yes, i know… it appears far-fetched. But consider this:

The Rebel Alliance didn’t want to seek the to plan or the fatality Star and Jyn do the efforts to convince them. Lock still said “no”, for this reason she did that anyway.

Jyn has actually some serious skills that we don’t gain to watch too much of. She manages to take out 5 or 6 storm troopers top top her very own with nothing but a stick:



Jyn has skillz

Later on in the scene she shooting a storm trooper without also looking. She’s more than just a great fighter. Her an abilities at fighting are just rivaled by Chirrut, who’s force-adept yet not a Jedi. In a way, he is her equal in the story line.

Vader can have puffy the admiral’s ship the end of the skies to for sure the to plan were destroyed — but he chose to go aboard the ship himself. You can read this as his incompetence, or the he to be ensuring the plans acquired off safely. If he’s aboard, they won’t punch the delivery up.

There’s nothing to imply that Jyn is in which method working through Vader ~ above this totality thing, however it walk make more sense in regards to a plot. Us don’t know anything around her yes, really — simply that she was left behind by saw Garrera somewhere.

This made her more than a little angry, as we observed in the film. The daughter that the death Star engineer… orphaned, angry and alone.

Nah. I’m sure it couldn’t be.

Those pesky plans!

It’s tough to convey just exactly how bad-ass Vader is in the last scenes with the concept that he simply can’t it seems ~ to find these fatality Star plans!

Meanwhile, Tarkin, Krennic, Motti and also the death Star all acquire blown come pieces. Nice and clean.

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I mean you not to remainder until you deserve to assure the Emperor, that Galen Erso has not jeopardized this weapon, in any type of way.