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“The capacity To Speak Does not Make girlfriend Intelligent” is a memorable quote uttered through Qui-Gon Jinn (played by Liam Nesson) come Jar jar Binks (played by Ahmed Best) native the 1999 sci-fi film Star Wars: illustration I – The Phantom Menace. The quote is used alongside a tho from the scene together a reaction image to an over caption or screenshot, commonly to disagree through a statement or to show when someone or something is ignorant.


The initial clip the the picture is pulled from is seen during The Phantom Menace, released on might 19th, 1999, especially the scene whereby Qui-Gon Jinn and also Jar jug Binks space walking through the woods following a thwarted ambush top top Naboo. Throughout this step (featured below), which occurs beforehand in the movie, Qui-Gon and also Obi-Wan escape indigenous an ambush by the profession Federation and also become separated. After conserving Jar Jar from a team of droid tanks, Qui-Gon becomes annoyed by his actions for practically getting castle killed, calling that brainless. Jar Jar climate replies the he can not be brainless due to the fact that he knows just how to speak, to which Qui-Gon replies, “The capability to speak does not make girlfriend intelligent.”


Though the exact first use that the scene being provided as a meme is unknown, one of the faster examples originates from February 10th, 2017, when an anonymous Imgur<1> user uploaded a tho of the clip together a reaction image to a picture of Donald trump card (shown below).


On august 9th, 2018, Redditor<2> hampyhamp can then be watched posting a variation of the meme to the r/PrequelMemes below under the title, “I hate it as soon as he walk that.” The article (seen below) got 182 upvotes and three comments.


Redditor<3> JillyBoel17 posted one more example top top November 18th, 2018, to the r/PrequelMemes sub. The article (shown below) was upvoted almost 48,000 times and also commented top top 769 times.

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Various Twitter<4> customers can likewise be seen making use of the scene/quote, among which originates from user Sith_Trooper66 top top April 6th, 2019. The tweet (shown below) replies to one more user who said, “Only fandom that have the right to somehow do the Spider-Man fandom look satisfied by comparison.”


Another variant post to Reddit’s r/memes below by Redditor<6> icametogivememes on may 19th, 2019, supplies the picture as a reaction to a quote from a newspaper article. The post (seen below) obtained over 48,700 upvotes, virtually 400 comments and a Reddit award.