If you to be a tween in the so late ’90s, you probably remember Amanda Bynes‘ lay out comedy show, The Amanda Show. One of the most popular skits indigenous the present was “The Girls’ Room,” a pre-Mean Girls parody of a bunch of well-known girls who preferred hanging the end in the bathroom.

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There were four reocurring characters — Amber, the well-known girl; Tammy, the southern exchange student from Tennessee; Sheila, the tough girl; and also Debbie, the airhead that “liked eggs.”

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Today, every the actresses who played those duties are in their 30s! clock the video clip to view what they’re approximately today.

For Raquel Lee, who was a actors member top top The Amanda Show and likewise played Sheila in “The Girls’ Room,” being actors on the struggle Nickelodeon regimen was a dream come true — even though she was the just African-American in the cast.

“I was one of very many children who auditioned for the role, and they to be only giving one ‘black girl’ clues out, friend know, especially at that time,” she stated in 2017. “Television no as diverse as that is today.”

She also explained just how the present made her realize she wanted to get in comedy. Since Nickelodeon, she’s been in other sitcoms favor Proud Family and also The real Husbands the Hollywood.

“I go after a lot of of different roles for Nickelodeon, however that to be the one that stuck,” she said. “It was comedy and it was what I wanted to do.”

As for Amanda, her history has to be a tiny rocky because her teen-show phase. Check out the gallery below to view her revolution through the years.

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Back then, she to be the youngest cast member top top All That.

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Her post-Nickelodeon job begins! She appeared on The attracted Carey Show and The Nightmare Room

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Growing up! She turn 16 this year.

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She do her function film debut in What a Girl Wants.

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She additionally started showing up in the struggle sitcom What ns Like around You.

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“I desire to be looked at as an adult actress. It is why i didn’t desire to carry out a big movie once I to be 11. Ns was wait till ns was a small bit older,” she revealed.

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She showed up in the comedy She’s the Man with Channing Tatum. 

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She was actors in the movie Hairspray together Penny.

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“I’m a confident person. Human being should uncover happiness in the little things, favor family,” she shared. 

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She make the efforts to shed her good girl photo by appearing on the covering of Maxim.

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Trouble hit. She to be arrested numerous times in 2012 for driving under the influence.

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She plead no contest to driving with a suspended license and also showed approximately court in a tangled wig.

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“I have no reservation ,” she told In Touch. “Every time i’ve heard it, it came from an ugly person’s mouth, so ns don’t care.”

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After she breakdown, she retained a relatively low profile.

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Doing better? She looked much healthier in a selfie she uploaded come Twitter.

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She revealed she’s sober and also ready to go back to acting throughout her first interview in 4 years. 

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Amanda is now 32 year old and looks much more fresh-faced than ever in a take self she post to Twitter on Sept. 10! The last we heard from she she was ready to go back to acting. This is hoping she follows through. 


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