I understand the common rule the if girlfriend don"t lose any kind of hearts (or red understanding if you have red and white/silver/black hearts) friend can acquire a evil one Deal Room ~ a boss fight, yet something odd happened the critical time ns played.

I was play as eve (with the curse activated) and I only had actually the standard 3 red hearts. So ns was battling among those snake thing bosses top top the an initial floor (with both the curse and Monstro"s Lung which ns had gotten earlier) and also I shed a whole heart in ~ one suggest but ns still got a adversary Deal Room.

I don"t know if I obtained it because I beat it pretty fast or due to the fact that the eve character just has actually that attribute, yet I"d choose to recognize why for this reason I deserve to strategize as soon as I play again.




According to the Rebirth wikia, over there is just a 1% base chance for the adversary Room door to open. This chance deserve to be enhanced in various ways:


This way that if you get damaged (this regards only red hearts) during the ceo fight you only decrease the chance to open up a Devil Room, yet there"s quiet a tiny chance to find it anyway.

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With pinckermans answer you know what factors influence her chances. However there is a comfortable overlay for Rebirth, which displays your existing chance because that a devil or angel transaction (+ your other relevant stats).

It updates live, right as soon as you choose up items, take damages etc. It"s not really a mod, so the won"t disable any kind of achivements.

Link come the GitHub summary page

Link come the released versions



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