Just come let you know, it seems that girlfriend can gain an exotic per character for the weekly missions. So if anyone has actually multiple dudes then collect those exotics.

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Yes this is true, i went thru and got one exotic on 3 different personalities for 3 exotics, the merciless, the Tardigrade and btsu gloves


did not shot on my fourth character together its no level 40 yet yet yes, in ~ the minute you deserve to do this v each character as with before obtaining all the sweet eastern exp lol

I did this too. Likewise to keep in mind I have a lvl 30 which i intend to save at level 30, as soon as I logged in to the one the exotic project was there however it was currently complete ! might be a an insect or simply the devs screwing people without the DLC ! to get them to salary up.

Also keep in mind that if you have not purchase the shared resources/mat"s point for her toons girlfriend are much better off since potentially you have actually a lot much more than mutual toons. This does typical you will have to farm the materials separately for all of your toons when you do finally run out.

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