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Yeah, yeahLet me get a small bit more beatYeahAsk God if she believe in me and will she expropriate me together a deityAnd phone call me the secrecy won't keep you freeI'm sleeping, won't dream till the demons leaveI take it a nap, in ~ a tree in the shadeFeel the sharpness of the swords and blades the grassPicturin' the pictures that make you laughI left you out to die, but will you take it me back? (Back)Somewhere in in between the crazy and the conscious (Conscious)She's naked under them shadowsLet the sunshine undress her slowI don't recognize who i am, I'm so great at doin' impressions though (Uh-huh)I'm goin' come the festival, (The festival) need to let me goI wake up, popular music a pair Benadryls, go ago to sleepIt's all made up, whatever they stated was real, it has to be'Cause in reality the master quick asleepAnd the castles back-back in his private quarters (Private quarters)That's a understand for you, this a revolution, we don't have no bespeak (No, no, no)All this torture, thought I had to warning ya (Had come warn ya)Leave it all behind and also go come California (California) (Go, go)I'm previous the signs, it's the actual thing, try analyzin' this feelin'Ya can't fathom (Can't fathom) (Can't, can't, can't)
(Festival, festival, festival, festival)My hand are above the cloudsFrom the clap-clap thunder lookin' downWhile you're runnin' aroundI lift friend up when you drownUnlock the mission, the world in rotationFull rate chasin' and you're constantly runnin' aheadYou're constantly runnin' aheadYou got 2nd chances, happy birthday, sweet romancesAnd you battle like a champion, whyDo friend wanna go, perform you wanna goDo friend wanna walk to the festival?You got angels weepin', check out them drippin' from the skyYou clock 'em through your third eye (So, so, so)Do you wanna go, execute you wanna goDo you wanna go to the festival? (To the festival)To the festival (To the festival)To the festival (To the festival)Festival (Festival)Festival (Festival)Hola, MalcolmHey, man, it's, it's Luis, manI'm calling, man, call you about the albumI listen, it's goodI should tell you, mani tell everyone to, to listen to the musicAnd it sound like they prefer it, manIt sound like they good. Ns tell my wife, "I'm so proud the him."I tell mine girlfriend, "I'm therefore proud the him."And the album is goodIt's so goodI cannot believeAnyone have the right to be youNo one can beat you