The 28-year-old Toudou, Masaki was a GM (Game Master) in a certain MMO.In a place where Field GM’s patrols, rumors of strange disappearance that he thought was just some urban legend happened! When he came to his senses, he was in another world.Fantasy MMO, Action, Sengoku Era, Three Kingdoms, The sea, furthermore SF FPS (Science Fiction First Person Shooter), and also a Robot! The story that involves all online games now begins!A GM that have every Skills, Magic and Crafting Skills. After all, this is a story of a GM using his restricted abilities with every effort in another world.


The link to nepustation is down ATM so we can’t access the first 10 chapters0. Prologue –Job as a GM1. Summoned and Imprisoned2. Prison Life3. New Collar4. The Day Before Execution5. Break-Out6. Pirate Troupe7. As the Big Boss8. Anti-Naval Battle9. Trampling On Board The Ship10. Banquet, The Round Table of the Pirate Troupe

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Isekai GM 11. Slave Ship Isekai GM 12. A Mage and A True Vampire Isekai GM 13. Satellite City Schutzwald Isekai GM 14. Earl Allan Isekai GM 15. A Bad Premonition Isekai GM 16. Sea God Leviathan Isekai GM 17 pt 1. Enslavement (Extreme) Isekai GM 17 pt 2. Enslavement (Extreme) Isekai GM 18. Rewards Isekai GM 19. Nobility Isekai GM 20. The Otherworlders Isekai GM Extra Episode 1 – A Day Off in the Kingdom Isekai GM Extra Chapter 2. A Day Off in the Kingdom Isekai GM 21. The Plan Isekai GM 22. The Raid Isekai GM 23. The Sisters Isekai GM 24. The Kingdom and The Empire Isekai GM 25. The Sniper Princess and The Farmer Isekai GM 26. Confluence Isekai GM 27. Starting of the War Isekai GM 28. The Battle of Great Plains Isekai GM 29. The Battle of Great Plains 2 Isekai GM 30. The Battle of Great Plains 3 Isekai GM 31. The Battle of Great Plains ーAbrupt Change in Situationー Isekai GM 32. The Battle of Great Plains ーConclusionー Isekai GM 33. Post-War Field Hospital Isekai GM 34. Unusual Event in the Empire pt 1 Isekai GM 34. Unusual Event in the Empire pt 2 Isekai GM 35. Skill Fusion and The Emergency in the Empire Isekai GM 36. The Royal Capital of Thorns Isekai GM 37. The Castle of Thorns Isekai GM 38. Battlefield Operator Isekai GM 39. The Strange-looking Castle Isekai GM 40. Battle of the Throne Isekai GM 41. Physical Resistance Countermeasure Isekai GM 42. The Day The Castle Falls Isekai GM 43. Ultimate Magic Isekai GM 44. Victory Celebration Isekai GM Extra Episode 3.

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Each of Their Motives

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