You’ll be able to grab this one native Sanctuary’s bounty board. Mordecai shed some that his firearms from Moxxi’s competition a while back to a man named Carson. Mordecai doesn’t want them back, yet if you desire some new toys come play v he argues you go trying to find Carson in the Dust to find those weapons.

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Fast travel to the Dust and you’ll see Carson location marked in the map. He’s hanging out in the Buzzard gangs hideout. Take a vehicle and also drive in the direction of the ramp that will launch girlfriend onto the Buzzards camp. You’ll find his place on the far west next of the plateau ~ above the lower levels. Once you reach the area you’ll uncover a corpse under a paper of metal.

Hopefully it isn’t Carson. Lift the sheet metal to find a recording alongside the corpse. In that you here a Hyperion goon called Gettle interrogating Carson and his brothers Mavis. Both men mouth off to Gettle, in which Gettle responds with a solitary shot at Mavis, death him. Mordecai comes over the ECHO, suggesting that Gettle may have taken Carson to the Friendship Gulag. Time to bust someone out of the Hyperion Jail when again. Head there.


Carson is being held in the same ar as Roland when you rescued that from here (if you had to). Fight through the Hyperion loader bots and also you’ll discover Carson’s cell. It seems someone else obtained to the first. As you listen to the recording choose up indigenous his corpse you soon uncover out it was a small-time bandit called Moebly. No all hope is lost, though. Moebly expose the ar of the treasure come Moebly. It’s hidden in a provided deep in the Dust.

In bespeak to uncover the area you’ll need to reduced through Ellie’s garage and also head the end the various other side. Monitor the trail to the objective marker. You’re around to head right into spiderant region so have a an excellent caustic weapon at your side to deal with them. You’ll eventually involved Boot Hill and also the grave site where the stash is buried.


The stash is in the facility of the graveyard, at the dig closest come the trace leading approximately the church. As shortly as you dig it up Moebly will certainly come out from the church eager to obtain a hold of the stash. Sure enough the Hyperion goon, Gettle, additionally makes one appearance. Moebly decides the best method to recognize who gets it is to have actually “truxican stand-off”. It’s like a mexican stand-off, just with a name that fits Pandora. Wait for the third ring of the church bell and open fire ~ above both that them. Moebly is basic enough to transaction with, however gettle is attract armor. Switch to a caustic weapon to burn with it.

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With both males dead acquired to the stash and also receive her prize because that the job. In enhancement to the firearms you’ll acquire you’re usual quest reward.