Yangyang Mobile’s newly released fear game The Letter is filled come the brim with choices and also branching routes over the food of its seven chapter story. The game’s many protagonists and various endings have the right to make that pretty overwhelming come play, particularly for gamers not supplied to that interactive, choose-your-own-adventure format of storytelling.

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Beyond the interaction book-nature of The Letter, over there are likewise quick-time events and also skill-based sections similar to other visual novels choose Dangaronpa and also Zero Escape that can be difficult on occasion. Therefore, we’re going to provide you a walkthrough because that all 7 chapters, beginning with the an extremely first.

In the opening chapter of the game, you play as the young real estate certified dealer Isabella who is tasked with marketing a supposedly haunted mansion. Her chapter can take almost everywhere from 2 to five hours to complete-depending on your path and reading speed-so we’ve gained you spanned with two different walkthroughs that will certainly also assist you protect against a video game over.

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The first walkthrough is for those looking to easily progress with the chapter as quick as possible, and also the 2nd is for those that want to obtain the many out the the story. Lastly, we’ll detail exactly just how to unlock all three possible endings for chapter one for the objective of collecting achievements.


Fastest Route

First choice: pick “You’re no my mom!”Close eyes and prayI nothing knowDon’t display the letterLie to himGo homeAsh is not hereI was telling the truthThanks, Becca!Talk come her around her catStay at homeMeet up through herEnding 3

Story-focused Route

First choice: choose “I eat other things too”Be brave and also look upQuick-time event (these deserve to be disabled in options)We’ll inspect with our supervisorShow letter come RoseChange the subjectStay because that the movieMeet v professorMy prompt noodle days are overI understand you’re trying to helpYou’re not negative after allTalk about her jobGo to workAnother quick-time eventEnding 1

How to Unlock All 3 Endings

Do either fastest course or story-focused path walkthroughSave in ~ option: “Go to work” or “Stay home”Choose “Go to work” and QTE for ending 1Reload saveChoose “Stay home”Save video game on a different slotDecline she offerEnding 2 (bad ending yet still may be to proceed game)Reload second saveMeet up with herEnding 3