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What carry out you view in Juice WRLD?Like, talk about the talent the you check out from himYou just lugged him the end on phase in former of every these peopleI see you said he is prefer the best freestyler aliveHe likeHe prefer that 2009 or 2000, he probably like the 2006, maybe 2006 come 2009 Lil WayneHe that, he the niggaAnd climate they sit below do the, uhHe"ll do an additional version the the song or freestyleHe did like three, three, four songsOver one beatAll freestyle, prefer which one us likeYeah, man, just let me know, I"ma message youAight, betFor certain guysI fuck with you broNice to fulfill y"all broAight bro, aight broBe blessed, broYeah, friend too, broCongratulations on your...Yo, shoutout to Juice too, manLike, yo, he, that boy was so talented, manHe like, his, his freestyle he did top top WestwoodWhere he rapped because that an hour, like what the fuck?And to be so youngHe prefer mastered that so fucking quicklyYeahIt"s really sad man, that, thatLike his potential was so off the chartsPeriodYou recognize who the finest freestyler I"ve ever seen is?Yeah?Juice WRLDJuice, yeahHave you ever before seen his freestyles?YeahThey"re, they"re so, they"re never-endingHe can do that for favor an hourAnd he makes total sense the entire timeAnd is actually really, choose good, choose intricate circulation patternsHe, favor to me, he was the finest freestyler I"ve ever seenAnd that was choose the best hitmak- he was likeI really feel favor he was the many talented, eh, choose songwriter in musicIf, ns can"t imagine there just goin" in there and also doin" one-Juice walk that, my friend, Benny functioned with JuiceAnd he would say, he would certainly go in the boothGo three minutes end the beat, and it it is in a hitAnd then he said, "Okay, one more one"And then he"d go 3 minutes over the beatAnd it be a different hitAnd then he"d be like, "Just pick every little thing version friend want"He would tell Benny to cut it up?No, not even reduced it up, just like pickWhat hit carry out you want?He freestyled- the whole song is freestyledUghHitsUghLike smash hitsHow, how, how?I sit in my room for 6 months and write a verseThis man goes in there and it"s 4 minutes and it"s a smashI think, like, whatWhat Juice was to ours generation, broAnd the influence he had on us is what Biggie go for brand-new York, for realLike, i really think, um, what, he had that Biggie, Pac effectYou understand what I"m sayin"?In his quick time right here