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Today we’ve got another travel riddle for ya! “The much more you take, the an ext you leave behind”

This one appears to be a bit less complicated than the various other travel riddle I shared not lengthy ago. What execute you, do you have a clean answer already? If yes, then scroll down for the reveal!


Riddle prize Explained:

Most the us, once thinking that this indigenous “take“, we instantly associate it v “physically retrieving something“. Because that example, “taking” a candy bar from your sister, or “taking” money from your wallet.

So because that non-native English speakers, this riddle can not be as intuitive and also straight-forward together it seems. Instead of “taking” a step, “walking” a step kind of makes more sense when translated from international languages.

And for this reason if you gained this riddle wrong, and English is no your an initial language. Don’t be so difficult on yourself. English is monster anyway. Haha!

So the all at once explanation is: The much more footsteps friend take, the an ext footsteps you leaving behind. Which lowkey doesn’t really make a most sense. Due to the fact that the point you’re leaving behind as soon as taking a footstep is in reality footprints. Footsteps imply action, vice versa, footprints are the physics manifestation of taking a footstep. So i wouldn’t say the the indigenous “footprints” and also “footsteps” space interchangeable. Does the make feeling at all? If not, don’t worry around it, I can just it is in overthinking this.

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Alternative Answers to “The more You Take, The an ext You leave Behind”

I believe that there’s always an ext than one possible answer for every riddle. For this reason if her answer doesn’t complement the “correct” answer above, check out several of these quite an imaginative and funny different answers I found on Quora and also Reddit!

Laundry. Due to the fact that the much more laundry you shot to take at one go, the more socks girlfriend dropAnything valuable, technically, if you dieTimeLaxativesChances. Paths taken necessitate other paths gift left behindPolaroid PicturesAlcohol, the more you drink, the an ext you vomitDumpsNotes. The an ext notes girlfriend take, the an ext handwriting you leaving behind

Did her answer show up on this list? If it did, I applaud girlfriend for your creativity! What provides riddles super funny is the huge range of reasonable answers that human being come increase with. It simply goes to show how an innovative we are. Love it. My favorite alternative answer is the to wash one. It important resonates v me ~ above a personal level. (I constantly drop a bunch the socks and underwear as soon as I try to take every my wash in one go)

And if her answer didn’t show up on this list, but you think the it deserves some attention and also spotlight. You re welcome leave her answer in the comment below. Maybe I’ll add it come this perform of alternative answers!


Take an ext Footsteps!

Apart native footprints. The much more footsteps we take, the more memories and experience we leaving behind.

The much more places and also countries we travel to, the much more unforgettable memories and life-changing moment we obtain to experience. Personally, after travel solo to different parts of the world, ns realized how helpful travel was in terms of opening increase my human being view and expanding mine horizons.

I don’t average to acquire so deep. But here we go.

Life is a beautiful journey wherein we get to live the end our wildest dreams, endeavor into the unknown, and learn as much as we can about the person experience. By taking much more footsteps, meeting people from roughly the world, and experiencing what this people has to offer. We can take benefit of our limited-time here on world earth. And hopefully, the just thing us leave behind in ~ the end of this trip is memories and footsteps, no unfulfilled dreams.