The COD video game (black ops 1) plot to be based roughly an agent recalling his story (you play with his memories) do the efforts to uncover out other on the numbers, the quote in the location is the quote from who trying to gain the information.

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It shows up to it is in a cutscene from one of the speak to of Duty games. I'm not acquainted with the franchise, but based on the release day I inferred it's from the an initial Black Ops game. Looking increase the plot for the game evidenced it.

Numbers stations space a genuine thing:

They broadcast endless strings the seemingly random numbers. It's assumed that at the very least some of them have actually been used to transmit coded messages to spies.

In the video game, based on a quick reading the a plot summary, it appears that world were brainwashed into coming to be subconscious sleeper agents that take orders native a number station, i m sorry seems favor a pretty dumb plot, however it's a speak to of Duty video game so friend shouldn't suppose too much.

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Plot summary here:

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Created Jun 10, 2013


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