This is Dorothy Carnegie"s review of she book, native 1962,which is based upon Dale Carnegie"s windy Speaking and also Influencing Menin Business, from 1931.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of reliable SpeakingSpeech, Speaker, and AudienceThe function of Prepared and Impromptu TalksThe art of CommunicatingThe difficulty of efficient SpeakingPart OneFundamentals of reliable Speaking

1. Acquiring the basic Skills

Take love from the endure of othersKeep her goal prior to youPredetermine her mind to successSeize every opportunity to practice

2. Developing Confidence

Get the facts around fear of speaking in publicPrepare in the proper wayPredetermine your mind come successAct confident

3. Speaking efficiently the Quick and Easy Way

Speaking about something you have earned the appropriate to talk aboutthrough experience or studyBe certain you are excited about your subjectBe passionate to share her talk v your listenersPart TwoSpeech, Speaker, and Audience

4. Earning the right to Talk

Limit her subjectDevelop make reservation powerFill her talk through illustrations and examplesUse concrete, acquainted words that produce pictures

5. Vitalizing the Talk

Choose topics you room earnest aboutRelive the Feelings friend have around your topicAct in earnest

6. Sharing the Talk with the Audience

Talk in terms of your listeners" interestsGive honest, sincere appreciationIdentify yourself with the audienceMake her audience a partner in your talkPlay yourself downPart ThreeThe function of Prepared and Impromptu Talks

7. Making the short Talk to acquire Action

Give your example, an occurrence from her lifeState her point, what you desire the audience come doGive the reason or advantage the audience might expect

8. Do the talk to notify

Restrict your topic to fit the time at your disposalArrange your principles in sequenceEnumerate your points as you do themCompare the strange v the familiarUse visual aids

9. Make the talk to Convince

Win to trust by deserving itGet a Yes-responseSpeakin with infectious enthusiasmShow respect and also affection for her audienceBegin in a friendly way

10. Do Impromptu Talks

Practice impromptu speakingBe mentally prepared to speak impromptuGet into an example immediatelySpeak v animation and also forceUse the principle of the Here and also the NowDon"t talk impromptu--Give an immediate talkPart Four

The arts of Communicating

11. Transporting the Talk

Crash v your covering of self-consciousnessDon"t shot to imitate others--Be yourselfConverse with your audiencePut your heart right into your speakingPractice making your voice solid and flexiblePart Five

The an obstacle of effective Speaking

12. Introducing Speakers, Presenting and also Accepting Awards

Thoroughly prepare what you are going come sayFollow the T-I-S FormulaBe enthusiasticThoroughly prepare the speak of presentationExpress her sincere feelings in the talk of acceptance


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Organizing the longer Talk

Get attention immediatelyAvoid obtaining unfavorable attentionSupport your main ideasAppeal because that action

14. Using What You have Learned

Use certain detail in daily conversationUse reliable speaking techniques in her jobSeek opportunities to speak in publicYou should persistKeep the certainty the reward before youBack to the Dale Carnegie Page and Morgan"s net page