Another season of The actual Housewives of Atlanta is in the can, and we can"t assist but feel like the collection is running the end of steam. 

On The genuine Housewives the Atlanta Season 10 episode 18, the females were all looking to the future after ~ a season of crazy developments. 

When the illustration kicked off, Sheree was excited about a many things: She had a boyfriend that was incarcerated, and she was finally getting she basement completed, for this reason she had actually somewhere come hide that when any kind of of her friends stopped by. 


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We"re kidding about the "hiding" part, yet seriously, it"s crazy the Sheree is still pushing on through this relationship despite every one of the uncertainty. 

“I to be super excited to lastly just be able to show off my basement,” claimed Sheree to the audience around her basement. 

If you watch The real Housewives the Atlanta online, girlfriend will understand fine fine these women have actually a knack for showing off their houses. 

That"s type of what happens as soon as you appear on TV on a continuous basis. It i do not care a competition about who has the nicest house.

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Yes, these housewives space that shallow, but maybe that"s what the producer (and viewers!) like, or like to hate around them.


One person, who most likely isn"t acquiring invited to the basement is Porsha. Sheree learned that Porsha was running her mouth about all of the females to Shamea when she left Spain. 

The big kicker because that Sheree was the Porsha allegedly stated that she might not trust any of the other women on the show, and that consisted of Sheree.

Sheree was blindsided due to the fact that she felt like things to be going an excellent for them together friends. Sheree chose to skip Porsha"s performance on part tour in retaliation. 

Cynthia and Kenya were the just women that went to support her, however Kim might not avoid running her mouth about both Porsha and Vivica. 

“I can’t tell you how much it warmed my heart,” says Porsha. “Knowing all we’ve been with in the past, lock being right here erases every that.”


Yeah, we"re going to bet points will change at the reunion because this is pretty shady the Kim. 

The final large event of the episode focused on Eva and Kandi bonding and throwing a Halloween party together. 

The drama kicked up a few notches once Porsha learned native Kim and Sheree that Shamea "fessed up around Porsha"s comments.

“After listening what Porsha said, i don’t think she yes, really knows how to it is in a friend,” Sheree stated in a confessional. It provides sense since Porsha cannot seem to prevent running her mouth.

NeNe tried to recruitment Porsha to she side of the department among the housewives as soon as she ran off. 


"What if all the girl came and stood appropriate here and also you apologized and took full accountability for everything it is the you have done,” NeNe asked her. “No,“Because they’re fake.”

Yeah, we"re walking to it is in watching the hell the end of the reunion because things space going to it is in crazy!

What did friend think that the episode?

Hit the comments below.

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