There have been a the majority of grifters and also liars in the Real Housewives game. There is no shortage of delusion and also fantasy in the Housewives extended cinematic universe, yet my goodness, Mrs. Karen Huger. The grand Dame is now the grand Dette. It is debt in French. Plus, there’s the arrival of a brand-new Housewife, Candaice … that we don’t check out at all. It’s to be a while since I’ve confirm in with these ladies, so let’s get to it.

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First points first, the grand tax evasion that Karen and also her husband. It’s supposedly all in his service accounts, yet he owes $1.5 million (sometimes Robyn states they owe $5 million). Yes sir a montage of all the females reacting to Karen’s public mismanagement the fortune, and they every realize that’s why Karen relocated from potomac to great Falls. Yo, I gain that the totality Zip code thing and also the specific towns is a whole thing, and ns don’t have the time to study the certain median income of every D.C. Suburb. The display checks in on Karen in she positively palatial home in good Falls. If you owe somewhere between $1.5 million and $5 million in ago taxes, perhaps don’t live in a giant-ass home with a pool. She Gatsby trapped in this giant house. Karen insurance claims that the Washington Post dubbed her 2 hours prior to the story ran, but now she under legal restraints not to talk around it. So she going to contact her sister top top camera and also talk about it.

Gizelle mirrors up come lunch with Ashley in a simply preposterous gold romper. I feel choose Gizelle’s layout got grounding somewhere between 2004 Beyoncé and 2010 Beyoncé. Neither Beyoncé really had it figured out, and both Beyoncés loved a gold moment. Gizelle is still with Sherman, and also Ashley is tho in a complicated, weird relationship with her husband. She’s to be living alone in one apartment for about six months. Throughout a fight, the took she stuff out of the closet and also told her to get out. Ashley, baby, what are you fighting for? “That share checking account” is a good answer, yet I’m gonna obtain real worn down if these two are going back and forth every season. Also, Ashley keeps to buy her mommy things and also giving she money, and also that’s a trouble for Michael. I think this is the one issue where ns Team Ashley. Let she mama have a house.

Monique is in ~ her brand-new house, and also she’s unpacking and also feeding the fish in the built-in aquarium. They had a five-bedroom house and two kids, yet that wasn’t sufficient space, for this reason they’ve upgraded. They also want come have much more kids, and also Monique states that chris would prefer her barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Um, sis? it is not generally a “cute image.” It’s commonly the image of the absence of firm of women, not favor “family values.” kris is going to be transforming 40, therefore Monique is walk to litter a lavish party and also attempt to heal her connection with Chris’s mom, who dubbed her a heifer. Ns feel favor being called a heifer no an unforgivable sin. You can work with that.

Up next is Robyn and Juan. Juan acquired a new job together a head coach at Coppin State, one HBCU in Baltimore. Oh, i wonder how the grand Dette feels about Robyn’s man doing service in Maryland. Robyn and also Juan are resting in the exact same bed in the exact same (bigger) house and also occasionally having sex. That unclear if they’re ago together or in a relationship. Robyn was the only human Karen dubbed when the counting story broke, and also they to be on the phone for 3 hours. Have the right to you imagine gift on the phone through an emotionally Karen for three hours? I would throw myself turn off a bridge. Robyn is going come sit down for lunch with Karen. She’s saying the Karen wants to say thanks to her, however Robyn covertly wants the dirt. Get that dirt, Robyn.

Ashley is packing up her tiny single-girl pad to go ago to Michael. The timeline is a little unclear ~ above her move out and also move earlier in, and also it’s a small unclear precisely what she holding on to this relationship for. In the past, Michael would disrespect her and she would certainly lash out and also threaten to leave constantly. Michael’s got a hottie on his arm and also Ashley’s got accessibility to the joint financial institution account. What is over there to keep? Ashley, it’s bad and also ain’t nobody do the efforts to store eating emu.Also, is Charisse the Kim that Potomac?

Karen is in ~ home and also she’s placing out packaged muffins and also claiming to be “domestic.” What is Karen doing? This is sad and also weird. She sit down v Ray come tell him the he can’t just leave her out of things and also not speak to her.

Ray states he pointed out it to her.

IT’S NOT adding UP.

Serial season three: What go Karen know and also when go she understand it?

Ashley top to Michael’s condo, and he got her a ostrich of roses and also she bought the a turkey sandwich. They sit down with a couple of Corona lights to talk around their marriage. If those two sentences aren’t a sign that these are two deeply flawed human being who have no idea how to be responsible, ns don’t know what is. They have actually to attract boundaries between them and the business and also between Michael’s bank account and Ashley’s mother. They claim to have actually an unbreakable bond and that’s what matters.

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Then Robyn sit down through Karen for lunch and also this woman has lost it. She’s become a protective soundboard variation of herself.

Karen claims the adhering to things:

“You have to make millions to fan millions.”

“What is a blog? You check out blogs? I check out truth.”

“The Washington Post is an institution and it’s an honor to be called in one institution.”