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Everything was on an epos high this week. After so long our 4 heroes join pressures for the an initial time to defeat the pope and also his followers. The episode had me ~ above the edge of mine seat! i’ll take any chance to watch Naofumi and also that fury shield at work since it’s always so cursed entertaining.

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Japanese original Title: 聖邪決戦


Three Heroes Church’s pope and also followers room a willful bunch and are relentless in their attack fight top top Naofumi and other heroes. In spite of their attempts, the replica cardinal weapon is too solid still. Naofumi takes the hazard in utilizing the fury shield as a critical resort, where he is confronted by his hidden true feelings from taking over – and Royalty make their figure in aiding the heroes.

Episode Highlights

Now it is a Queen: It’s been a while since I’ve watched a queen it is in badass and Queen Mirellia is a inspiring beacon of badass. She do a short appearance in ~ the begin of the episode and also again at the end, conserving everyone through her ice magic. Mirellia left a strong impression ~ above me; this woman has strong resolve and also spirit – she reminded me the Erza from Fairy Tail. She’s been teased transparent the collection for defying her own family and also has sustained the shield hero from the beginning. Mirella doesn’t have actually her daughter Malty and the King’s bitterness towards the shield hero yet her thinking goes beyond deeper to this. I can’t wait because that this to it is in delved right into more.

Disgrace to God: It’s disgusting and revolting in itself that the pope supplies the pureness of religion to hide his selfish intentions and then goes preaching to unsuspecting souls who have no-one left to revolve to and also they become swallowed in his selfishness. The pope no bat an eyelid sacrificing his very own followers, these poor people with nothing left going because that them who would follow him to the end. Utilizing the hope that religion brings for people and twisting it into something toxicity is vile, like that pope.

Save Naofumi: This was unlike the an initial time Naofumi used the rage shield when he was faced with the zombie dragon’s anger. He took the risk to use it and the rage shield convinced Naofumi to let the end his pent increase anger from the exile and ridicule he’s confronted up until currently onto those who have actually wronged him. The desire and also pull the this is much stronger 보다 Naofumi released and it was going to take it a lot to pull Naofumi back. Luckily his cutie party members Raphtalia, Melty, and Filo go this easily… oh my love ached in ~ this beautiful scene. The showed just how deeply Naofumi cares for every one of them and he is not alone in any of this. It addressed well this upcoming moment for Naofumi when he confronted the burn anger in ~ himself, the one that tucked away until now.

Opening Theme: i LOVED the that when Naofumi regains manage over the fury shield, the second opening design template ‘Rise’ comes in – once everyone strikes the pope over and also over. It to be a perfectly installation to use the song and also added much more excitement.

Blood Sacrifice: WAS that A COOL strike OR WHAT!! It was alarming the cuts showed up all over Naofumi, blood spurts everywhere. Climate it’s nothing… all that a suddenly this lengthy dragon-like creature rises from the bloody ground and also finishes off the pope. I have to admit it was a scary heart-racing moment yet enthralling.


YES yes YES!! have the right to you call already? how exciting and happy this illustration made me, AGAIN. It’s been the same with every single episode the shield hero. This collection pulls out my inside fangirl v no effort on screen for you all to view in this reviews… damn it. However this week’s episode was on a constant high. The fighting to be even much more entertaining since of everyone working together. I never ever thought I’d check out all the four heroes come to work together in the end. The trippy as I still think that the three various other heroes were jerks. Motoyasu is one idiot, and also Ren and Itsuki have actually a lot come learn. Yet they to be never negative people, just arrogant and also overconfident and also these traits put them in an adverse position. Motoyasu during the episode said that all of them can work together and also be friends and also that make me laugh in a surprise. The was the last thing you’d mean to hear native him.

The handling of Naofumi’s anger when he dangers using the fury shield was done brilliantly. The link fitted and was understandable, Naofumi can harness together a power and also the temptation to usage for personal gain to be there. Naofumi had every ideal to it is in mad and also frustrated at the people who have ridiculed and also falsely accused him yet Naofumi never ever wanted to sink that low. Climate Melty, Raphtalia, and Filo save him in the end. This component doesn’t make Naofumi look weak. That still required that support and also reassurance indigenous those who thought in the the most. It to be a scene that warmed my heart. Naofumi no know how lucky he truly is through the cuties by his side.

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Of every things, ns wasn’t expecting Queen Mirellia to make her appearance, allow alone suit up ready for battle… oh this the kind of queen ns love. The division herself and daughter Melty have carried to their household wouldn’t have actually been a negative thing if the Queen Mirellia and also Melty were similar to the king and also Malty. Yet having this rift in the family has included a great dynamic to the plot, and also it’s being made use of to the fullest. It has actually made points truly exciting.

Well, i think the is sufficient ranting in this comment ar as I might be below all job talking around this series. Ns hope Naofumi is fine because that the next episode after making use of that last attack and also it’s amazing to watch where things will command into. Five episodes to go, ns can’t believe it… No!!

Good constantly Prevails Over angry Pope In This Case

Fantastic episode from Shield Hero this week and also I loved that Queen Mirellia made an appearance; she is a woman no to chaos with. Naofumi much better be fine in the next episode together I have no reservation where things will walk from right here after the defeat of pope and also his followers. Yet the title of next episode has me psyched more: we’ll have aNaofumi focus!! five episodes left males now! how did it walk by so quick to gain to this allude already!!

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