The Thrill Of The Chase: A Rocky Riverbed – This chest is discovered under the dead tree on a hill. You will need to grapple up to the height of the hill to uncover the tree. It is a massive dead tree with some ovariety and red towel hanging on it. If you look dvery own you deserve to check out some rocks that look like the lead under the tree. Grapple dvery own there and you should watch the cave. Take out the screamer and grab the chest.

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The Thrill Of The Chase: Wishing Well – This is for the last treasure and it is near where you first met the mother. When you are taking the cave up the mountain, look over the railing to check out a pool of water down listed below. Jump into the water and also begin swimming dvery own, make certain you flashlight is on. The chest is down there, follow the red blinking plant points.

Run, Bolter, Run – I understand I got this from Jasir however I don’t remember when. You need to hunt down a Bolter and also obtain a liver from him. This one is actually pretty annoying because the Bolter generate is random. You will want to bring stunbolts for your crossbow for this mission also. You will certainly need to check each colony till a Bolter spawns at one. They spawn in the day now so you won’t need to hunt them at night. When you uncover one, get 40 or so meters out and also take the shot with the crossbow. It should die in a swarm and you have the right to grab the liver from tright here.

The Ties That Bind – You acquire this from Jasir after meeting The Mvarious other. You will have to go check a farm for Ezgi. She is not tright here, you should examine the bodies close to the vehicle to confirm and also then go to their campwebsite. There are some solid adversaries about right here to be all set for a fight. When you clear them all out, Ezgi is in the trailer on optimal of the elevated ground. She will ask you to clear out the surrounding tunnel and also any staying enemies in camp, this has the road close to it. Head as much as the tunnel and clear that as well, tbelow will certainly be a couple of Volatiles in tright here. I provided my flares and shotgun to take them out.

Secret Project – This mission is from the Twins after you help them via a mission earlier. They will want you to concerned their new safe home to talk through them. I forobtained what they wanted initially but I had actually way even more than sufficient gives from the original game and I handed it over. Then the Twins need fuel to perform their experiment. I currently had 12 but if you don’t examine the gas stations and also cars on the road for additional fuel. I waited at a safe house a pair nights once they wanted me to wait.

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Rocket Waggoon – You will acquire this from the Twins as you are going the oppowebsite direction of them. They want you to get the fuel line from the air aircraft that was craburned previously. Go to the method suggest and grab the fuel line. Rerevolve to the Twins and watch the magic.

Reclamation – In this pursuit you have to beat the toughest Demolisher called Holler. I’ve found the solution exactly how to beat him rapid. You don’t must have hundreds of grenades or somepoint else choose that. Just shoot to his head(better to aim for the face) as many type of times as possible (I swarm approx. 25 times with influence bolt utilizing a crossbow). When you damage his helmet the Demolisher have the right to be beaten through 15 shots to head, it took about 10 minutes. Thanks to Timur Sheriyazdan for the comment around this one we missed!