The Hunger video game - choose to allow Marlene continue to be in Corvo Blanco after turning her human being in the search La Cage au Fou. Goodness, Gracious, great Balls that Granite! - when confronting the old male who stole the stones, permit him keep it. Big Game Hunter - carry out the optional target to free the panther and then in ~ the finish of the quest, sign up with Beladel in ~ the exhibit and also ask him about his daughter. Mutual of Beauclair"s Wild Kingdom - select to permit the basilisk live steed Phantoms - when confronting the Umbra, gain Roach to pardon the spirit. Contract: The Tufo Monster - After gaining the pendant near Jean-Luc"s corpse, offer it to Andrée, Jean-Christophe"s wife.

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Proving Valor


The Warble the a Smitten knight - pick to continue the tourney and also win it. Feet as Cold together Ice - help François kill the Grottore and also make sure he lives through the fight. Raging wolf - defeat the champion Maestro in ~ a fistfight. Contract: Bovine Blues - complete the contract through slaying the slyzard couple. Steed Phantoms - choose not to forgive the Umbra and instead shot to kill it. Shared of Beauclair"s Wild Kingdom - choose to kill the intimidated Basilisk. Contract: The Tufo Monster - death the Shealmar well-known as the Monster of Tufo. Portrait of a Witcher as an Old man - kill the griffin that attacks you and also the painter.

Proving Generosity


Face and Turn the strange - After perfect the pursuit Blood Run, you will encounter a distribution boy as soon as entering the town. Tip him 5 crowns. mutual of Beauclair"s Wild Kingdom - After picking to allow the basilisk free, do not expropriate the extra payment. A Portrait the the Witcher as an Old male - at the finish of the quest, agree come buy the painting of Geralt for 1000 crowns from the painter. Horse Phantoms - at the start of the quest, when talking come Pinastri the hermit, shot to barter. After learning all she has actually are potatoes, decline the payment.

Proving Honor


The Warble the a Smitten article - as soon as entering the tourney, enter it together Geralt the Rivia. Anséis the prince the Lyria and also Rivia will an obstacle Geralt to a duel. You will certainly still prove honorable even if you shot to decrease or lose the duel. Till death Do You part - After completing the quest, go back to Charles Lanzano and also be truthful about the reason of the problem. Telling him there to be no monsters. The Warble of a Smitten items - execute not tell Guillaume around Vivienne"s curse. Goodness, Gracious, an excellent Balls the Granite! - Bring earlier the stones to the curator. Even if it is you lent it to the old guy or gain it appropriate away does not matter. Father knows Worst - Agree come Hugo"s inquiry to find the condenser and give it to him. (Note: have the right to only be excellent if you did not discover the condenser prior to talking come Hugo)

Proving Wisdom


A Knight"s tales - Find and also use teacher Gareth"s bones come lift the curse. You have the right to do that on your own or with the aid of the witch, as lengthy as you use the bone to lift the curse, you will certainly prove her wisdom. Father knows Worst - once leaving the cavern with Hugo, choose not to assault the other brothers. Yet Other than That, how DId you reap the play - on your an initial try, light the candles in the right order. You can tell the order by examing the footprints and backtracking them. Gwent: To everything - Turn, Turn, Tournament! - win the tournament

Fastest method to gain Aerondight

The fasted method to obtain Aerondight is by completing these quests, The Beast the Toussaint, Blood Run and The Warble the a Smitten Knight.


In The Beast of Toussaint, pick to spare the Shaelmar ~ beating it to prove her compassion.


At the end of The Beast the Toussaint, while trying to discover out Milton"s location, gain the right answer to the riddle to prove her wisdom. The answer to the riddle is .


After fighting through Detlaff in Blood Run, you will encounter a shipment boy in town. Pointer him 5 crowns after he provides you the letter come prove her generosity.


At the start of the search The Warble that a Smitten Knight, pick to go into the tournament as Geralt that Rivia. You will certainly then prove your honor after the duel against Prince Anséis. You execute not need to win the duel come prove her honor. If girlfriend did not enter the tournament together Geralt, you can still prove your honor by keeping Vivienne"s secret from Guillaume.


Near the finish of The Warble that a Smitten Knight, choose to continue the tournament and win it. The only method to difficulty the champion and win the tournament is by to win every other an obstacle in the tournament.

There deserve to Be only One Tips and also Strategies

Fighting the Hermit


Attacks Staff attack Water Tornado Teleport Water Blast Water beam Aard
The hermits ferris wheel his staff around to hit Geralt.
Covers himself in a water tornado that will do damages when close.
Will dissapear in a obelisk of water. Will attack when reappearing near you.

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Will blast water from under you. Location of assault telegraphed through splashes.
Blast a ray of water in ~ Geralt
Knocks Geralt back. Offers it after ~ Geralt does damages to the hermit at close range.