Title : Lucky’s first love, The people owes me a first love, Life fan me a first love

Episodes : 24

Genre : Office, Romance, Drama, Family, Comedy

Story : 7 the end of 10

Characters : 8 the end of 10

Cinematography : 7 the end of 10

A chinese drama overflowing cuteness, The world owes me a an initial love is perfect for a light, fluff drama.

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The characters of the chinese drama The people owes me a very first love


Xing Yun (Lucky) functions for demanding CEO Xia Ke, as his personal secretary. Xing Yun loves drawing and she loves working for a gaming company. However, her ceo is making she life a living hell, together he is constantly asking she to do impossible tasks, also when she is off work. The gets especially annoying as soon as Xing Yun starts date Chu Nan, after ~ going the end on a blind date with him. Xing Yun has never remained in love, however she is ready to try and find it. However, Xia Ke seems to have other plans. But he is not just an over-demanding boss that shows up to be. He does care about Xing Yun, and, also though that acts childish, in the end, he wants to safeguard her.

The people owes me a first love to be a quite guilty pleasure. The romance to be cute and it took its sweet time to acquire developed. The plenty of rivals that appeared were the main reason why there were some obstacles to the love story, but, overall, the drama to be just enough to store things interesting and also don’t obtain overboard through the family members issues. There were part comedy facets too, the were included and acquired the mood also lighter when things got heavy in the office. That service drama was cliché, however it to be well presented. Finally, the love story had actually a happy ending and also it was well concluded. So, overall, the drama provided a solid romance, with sufficient adorable, sweet scenes and also kissing to make your heart flutter. However, it should be noted that the second lead, Xia Ke’s friend, gained annoying towards the end, together he was as well persistent, even though the girl kept telling him the she didn’t want to it is in his girlfriend. Lastly, the story of Xia Ke’s sister was a pretty touch and also the small boy was hands-down adorable.

Poster because that the chinese drama The world owes me a very first love


Xing Yun is a talented artist that dreams of being one of the gaming developers in she company. However, for now, she has actually to address her unbearable boss. Once it comes to her romantic life, Xing Yun doesn’t have any type of luck there either. She has actually never remained in love and she is trying to discover love by walking on blind dates. Bai Lu to be perfect together Xing Yun. She was no the classic and also too frequently used a cute character that acts childish and also needs the male lead to save her. Top top the contrary, she stood her own and also was a perfect complement for her partner, together she took care of him and she let him take treatment of her, without letting him acquire his way. However, a sad however noticeable keep in mind was she hair. They supplied an strange wig (for unknown reasons) which was awkward and also couldn’t it is in fashioned in various other hairstyles easily. The is no a deal-breaker, but it’s there.

Xia Ke is a young CEO who, also though he originates from a affluent family, wants to was standing on his own two feet and he creates his very own gaming company. The is spoiled and likes to obtain what that wants, and also thus, he regularly meddles v Xing Yun’s an individual life, wanting her entirety attention just on him. Xing Zhao Lin to be an adorable male lead, and also his comedy scenes were hilarious. He likewise had chemistry through Bei Lu.

He Yu is Xia Ke’s friend. That is a playboy who seems careless and also playful. That likes flirting in stimulate to acquire what he wants and also he is selfish and also too complete of himself. Even though his character to be tiring in the end, Zhai Zi Lu walk a good job with his performance.

Yao Qing is Xia Ke’s sister. She had actually a dark past, as soon as her husband left her, also though she was delivering his child. Now, she is a solitary mother, trying to make it through while raising her child, and also seeking for love. Anna Hollen was one of the surprises of the drama, therefore pretty and talented there is no overshadowing the leading lady.

The main pair of the chinese drama The world owes me a an initial love


The drama had actually a an excellent pace, though, in the direction of the ending, things acquired a bit confusing. Nevertheless, they preserved things fresh, sweet and also cute.


My overall rating is 8 out of 10. The drama was basic to watch and also just perfect because that what it to be offering.

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