git pull beginning masterOr girlfriend could set it up so that your local master branch tracks github master branch together an upstream:

git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/master mastergit pullThis branch tracking is set up because that you instantly when girlfriend clone a repository (for the default branch only), but if you include a remote to an present repository you have to set up the tracking yourself. Thankfully, the advice given by git provides that pretty easy to remember just how to do.

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Problem: I"m hoping for some assistance : Git pull there is no tracking info for the existing branch
askedJun 20asha183k points
Problem: walk this occur to someone rather : there is no tracking info for the existing branch?
askedJun 24Shima182k points
Problem: I have cloned a git repository and then seen a tag however when I try to run git pull in my branch, git spits the end this error: there is no tracking details for the current branch. Please specify which branch you desire to unify with. Check out git-pull(1) for details
askedApr 19ummesalma29.1k points
askedJul 30, 2020James Martin2.2k points
Problem : how have the right to i resolve this situation and also fix that ? Fatal: can not review username for "": no such machine or address.
Problem : I have actually the listed below problem when I just try to traction code, utilizing my GIT Bash on windows also after adding/removing the origin I am still encountering the exact same error together below. Fatal: could not review Username for "": No such document or directory

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Problem: together I discussed in mine previous query, I"m having difficulties with my learning; I"ve tried browsing the web but haven"t been able to discover adequate information; could you assist me in continuing my project?