Tim McGraw has actually been cutting nation gold since the nineties. Over the food of his career, he has actually notched a grand total of 25 number-ones in between the Hot country Songs and Country Airplay charts. He sells the end shows and also his albums fly turn off the shelves. Currently, McGraw’s network worth sit somewhere about $85 million. So, it would certainly be same to think the he buys top-shelf everything.

As a result, you could be surprised at what he says about his trademark black color cowboy hats. In a current interview, Tim McGraw called Esquire that he no pay very much because that his hats at all.

 McGraw told the publication that he sporting activities a black straw cap made through Resistol. However, his hats constantly look fresh due to the fact that he changes them out relatively often. “It takes around three mirrors to yes, really sweat with it to fall into place and start feather good,” that revealed. Then, that added, “I’ll wear it 3 months longer than I must just since I don’t want to break in a brand-new one.”

With that knowledge, I invested a little time comparing photos of Tim McGraw’s cap to the Resistol website. Unfortunately, it no look like the hat firm carries the nation star’s liked hat online. However, lock do carry a George Strait collection and also a Cody Johnson collection.

After looking with their stock, I can report the McGraw no pay that lot for his lids. In fact, the most expensive straw hat on the website comes in at only $155. If you’ve ever before shopped because that an American-made cowboy hat, you’ll recognize that’s a kind price.

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If you’re hoping to find a topper to match Tim McGraw’s you deserve to do for this reason easily. Several companies sell black color straw cowboy hats that room dead ringers because that the persons the nation superstar sports. The finest thing about them is the you i will not ~ break the bank while trying come cop his millionaire style. Those hats come in at around $45. Us haven’t tested the top quality of any of those doppelgangers. So, her mileage may vary.

Why Tim McGraw constantly Wears a Hat

Back in 2014, Tim McGraw received the respect of gift inducted right into the Headwear room of Fame. Shortly thereafter, he speak to People about the honor and why he practically always put on a hat.

“Of food the cowboy hat is that I to be in my music,” the told the publication. However, yes a factor he nearly never pipeline the residence without some kind of hat. “I’ve never been comfortable with the method I looked there is no a hat,” the confided. Expanding on this, that said, “I have what I call a ‘fivehead.’ ns don’t have a forehead.

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I have a fivehead.”

Don’t think the this insecurity gets him down also much. “That’s among those things around getting older – friend get more comfortable with yourself.”