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Log off Lisa Simpson is picture macro meme special Lisa Simpson and her mom, Marge Simpson, in former of the family computer system in The Simpsons. Marge, standing over Lisa at the computer, has actually her hand placed on she daughter’s shoulder, and also the creator add to some text that usually consists of an instruction to “go ahead and log turn off for me.”


This viral variation the Lisa Simpson at she computer began at the finish of august 2019. DeAnthony James reposted an image grab to Facebook with a new caption: “When you an alleged to it is in doing job-related on the computer however you playing a game and also the teacher sneak up behind you and say ‘Go ahead and also log turn off for me.’”<3> The article was mutual over 65,000 times, and also spread to other platforms choose twitter.

The really next day, twitter user
Rodiculous posted the exact same image and also caption, and also it came to be viral on that platform as well (over 10,000 likes). <9>


The Simpsons household are an existing picture subculture or memeplex, and Lisa Simpson is a attribute in many memes and reaction image macros already.

On October 31st, 2013, a Chilean blog/meme stash called “Futu Bandera” post the photo grab from The Simpsons v the overlaid subtitle “It’s Time To stop Posting.” <1>

For three years, the picture bounced roughly with that caption or a sports (no an ext internet for you, etc), normally as a reply through an implication that content creators have said/done “enough.”

The same image catch was post to imgur and gained virality in 2016 v a new caption: “When you present your mom a video clip on instagram and she ask who it is like you an alleged to know.” <2> The picture grab then continued roughly the net with differing captions about showing your mommy or an adult something on the web as a child.


The meme now spreads in a variety of different contexts, usually with replies, with the recurring suggestion to “go ahead and also log turn off for me.” In addition to plenty of reposts that the original context, a teacher recording a student making use of the internet how/when they shouldn’t be, it additionally appears as a solution to anyone perceived as making use of the web in a way they “shouldn’t be.” This includes reacting to strange, unpopular, and usually problematic/harmful content.

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In this example<4>, the meme gets much more specific by addressing one online games website, In another example<5>, it’s used as a reply to discourage racist and homophobic content.