The wade Dead: an initial 10 personalities Daryl Dixon eliminated (In Chronological Order) Daryl has taken out his same share of zombies, yet surprisingly, his kill count versus humans is surprisingly low.

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Daryl kills Merle & Daryl dragging Tina
Daryl Dixon is among the main characters in The go Dead, and as such, he has actually taken the end his same share of zombies. Surprisingly, his kill count versus humans is surprisingly low. He didn"t kill a solitary named human being in Season 1 and also rarely did in Season 2. He"s always been an ext about placing bolts right into zombies" heads instead.

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That doesn"t average he hasn"t taken the end a named character or two, and for the services of clutter, any kind of moment whereby multiple people were taken out in the very same sequence will obtain grouped together one. An example being the battles with The Governor, whereby he helps take under a few people together his other survivors.

AMC_TWD_Pretty_Much_Dead_Already Daryl stop a gun
offered that the zombies room all taken out in fast succession, the death count gets lumped together. In "Pretty lot Dead Already," Shane and also the rest of the Atlanta survivors storm Hershel"s barn, acquisition out every one of the zombie he"d been maintaining alive in there.

It"s among the couple of exciting scene in Season 2 the lingered far too lengthy on the barn. It additionally showed a quite difference between the Atlanta team who"d been surviving in the world and Hershel who"d holed up on the farm.

Daryl kills Dale the wade dead
lot of "Judge, Jury, Executioner" centered on Dale do the efforts to to convince the group that they shouldn"t kill Randall despite how dangerous he was. He falls short in his endeavor, top him to walk off from the group in dismay, going so far regarding call the team broken.

Unfortunately for him, he"s the one that breaks. A walker ends up how amazing him from behind, leading to it gradually pulling the apart. The end of mercy, Daryl is the one who kills Dale, putting a bullet with his head.

Dixons taking care of Woodbury safety the wade dead
as with the zombies in Hershel"s barn, the Woodbury guards taken the end in "Made come Suffer" were excellent quickly, and also despite gift named, no one of them had a large impact top top the story.

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Eisenberg, Bob, and also Pete to be generic guards the The Governor would remember by surname in later episodes. They acquired taken out like fodder in the episode, stack and company making an example out of them to show that lock weren"t going come bow to Woodbury"s demands.

7 Daryl had actually To death The Zombified version Of His own Brother

among the more emotional moment in The walking Dead come in the third season once Daryl was confronted with a zombified version of his brother. His reaction to be raw, unable to find the power to kill the brother he"d only recently reconnected with.

He fought against doing the deed as much as that could yet finally gave in, grabbing host of one arrow and also driving it into Merle"s skull. It was a moment that helped Daryl evolve so much as a character and also still holds increase 7 seasons later.

throughout a zombie outbreak in the prison during Season 4, it to be left come Daryl to deal with much of it. He managed to conserve multiple human being from being bitten, putting down three different zombified survivors.

The most notable the which was Patrick, who finished up sneaking into Greg"s cell and ripping his throat out, thus turning him into a zombie together well. The most heartfelt that the deaths may have actually been young Owen, whose mom was crying end his extended body close to the end of the episode.

5 Daryl shoot Mitch Dolgen appropriate In The Chest with An Arrow

Mitch Dolgen was in one of the militias that operated under The Governor and also played an important role in the final attack on the prison. The drove the tank through the gates and also destroyed a huge chunk that the prison prior to Daryl took action.

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First, Daryl disabled the tank by throw a grenade into the gun barrel and then leveled his crossbow on Mitch. Mitch threw his hand up in surrender, but it didn"t matter. Daryl shot him right in the chest, killing him almost instantly.

Joe and also The Claimers were dangerous foes in Season 4, and Daryl regretted his time with them immensely. When Daryl realized they to be targetting Rick"s group, he tried to to convince them otherwise, earning him the ire that Joe.

Billy, one of The Claimers, began roughing up Daryl if Joe held Rick in ~ gunpoint. It ended up being a significant mistake as Daryl rotate the tables top top him, utilizing Joe"s fatality as a distraction. That stomped under on Billy"s head so difficult that that may as well have been Michael Myers from the newest Halloween movie.

3 Daryl take away Vengeance for Beth"s death & shoots Dawn In The Head

Dawn was an effective villain in Season 5. She ran a group of cops who were do the efforts to regain order yet doing it v strongarmed tactics. She chosen to pretend like she cared about people as soon as all she really cared around was control. She struggled whenever things didn"t go as she expected; it"s apparent when she smacks Beth and when she accidentally eliminated her later.

As the walls roughly her started to crumble, Daryl put a cartridge in her head together revenge for acquisition Beth"s life, showing he was together vengeful as plenty of others in the group.

Carla and Delly were two personalities killed by a forest fire began by Dwight previously in the outbreak. Their bodies were spanned in glass that had actually melted onto your bodies after the greenhouse burned down.

Little go Tina know that glass wouldn"t be enough to host them. They broke through the class that spanned them and attacked Tina, killing her swiftly. Daryl to be a few seconds also slow, acquiring to Tina after she"d currently been bitten.

1 Tina had To Be placed Down before She Turned

after getting struck by Carla and also Delly, Tina had to be killed as well. After ~ she bled to fatality in the arms of her sister Sherry, Daryl had to be the one that did the deed. After she set to remainder for good, they provided her a suitable burial.

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Her death, while having very little impact top top the viewer, was necessary to both Dwight and also Sherry as she was related to both, one through blood and the various other marriage. She death additionally got to present that Daryl is always willing to carry out what rather can"t.

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