Angela and Tony might be excellent for good as Angela made a public write-up burning his possessions and also calling that out. Pic credit: WEtv

It looks prefer the drama has actually hit the fan when again in Angela and Tony’s partnership from Love after ~ Lockup and also Life after ~ Lockup.

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Angela took to Instagram come profess the she is entirely done v Tony’s lying, cheating, and also drug addict ways. Back this is other Angela has actually done a couple of times before.

In a fiery society media display, Angela shed a photo album the Tony’s the he kept while in jail that had pictures of Angela, his family, and other women in it.

Angela add the video clip with an upset rant around Tony’s current injustices and also what she intends come do around them.

Angela Gail insurance claims to break up v Love after ~ Lockup’s Tony for good

Angela and Tony have had actually a toxic, emotional, and overwhelming partnership from the beginning when Tony to be locked up, and it just got much more intense and wild ~ he was released native prison and also had his freedom.

Angela’s public breakup write-up on Instagram attempted come solidify to she followers that she to be done with Tony and all the scandal and also heartache the has carried her end the years. The article was not without a hefty dose of speak of revenge and also spiteful intentions sprinkled in it.

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The video clip Angela posted was of a pile of pictures and also a picture album together she conduct to pour lighter liquid on it and light that up with a match.

The subtitle for the wild breakup short article was, “I’m on the relocate today gaining rid that Tony from my life for this reason I melted this and also a couple of other things. Im not wasting a cursed cardboard box to send him this s**t!”

She continued, “If it had any type of importance to him he would have obtained it prior to he left. The his photo album he had while he was in prison… photos of me and also him… him and also his family and some pen pal nasty pics that girls that was talking to the while he was locked up!!“

She additional said, “I keep thinking he would face me because that talking around his mom and his addiction to she t*t but I am still waiting on the coward to display his face… probably my hatefulness will keep him the f**k far from me when he needs something or goes ago to jail!!”

Finally, Angela ended her thoughts with an intention as soon as she said, “Im thinking about taking a trip to nampa idaho to acquire my damn car back!!! i do have actually a vital and ns do recognize the address!!! hope he still has my 4k dollars the stole from me!!! i doubt it… he more than likely spent the on prostitutes, drugs, and also alcohol!!!”