Note: The piece below was an initial posted in Norman Tinio"s blog. The is republished right here with his permission.

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MANILA, Philippines – One Australian, two Asians, two North Americans, two Europeans, 2 from the Caribbean and also 6 south Americans.

These room the 15 miss out on Universe 2015 delegates who acquired my nod for the Presentation present which witnessed all 80 women vying for a spot in the an initial cut of the finals this coming December 20 in ras Vegas. And it isn"t easy trimming under the perform to just 15 because I actually have actually at the very least 21 contenders who can be potential qualifiers for the semifinals. (Photo recap: miss out on Universe 2015 preliminary competition)

But first, let’s focus on the ones occupying my top tier. There are 10 in this circle who are likely to get sure spots as soon as the name are referred to as out in arbitrarily order.

Clarissa Molina the the Dominican Republic, Ariadna Gutiérrez the Colombia, Olivia Jordan that the USA, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach the the Philippines, Laura Spoya of Peru, Pham Huong the Vietnam, Flora Coquerel that France, Mariana Jimenez the Venezuela, Myriam Arevalos of Paraguay and Lisa Elizabeth Drouillard the Haiti accounted for sweeping transforms in all areas of competition. It’s prefer they own the stage and fulfilled commitments to do their respective nations proud in the Preliminaries. (LOOK: Miss world PH 2015 Pia Wurtzbach"s nationwide costume_

Now if we look at the staying 5, the intensity no really weaken that much. With Wendy Esparza the Mexico, Monika Radulovic the Australia, Maria-Belen Jerez Spuler that Chile, Annelies Törös that Belgium and also Marthina Brandt the Brazil completing my optimal 15, they additionally showed a collection of wow determinants onstage that won’t it is in ignored on the judges’ scoresheets. And also depending on tastes and also preferences, castle can conveniently steal the limelight from my higher-placed misses in a heartbeat.

But remember what i said previously that I originally gathered 21 likely to succeed? i can’t neglect their attributes as well. And also it would certainly be most essential to mention their name to represent a sheep of spoiler advises waiting in the wings. There room the likes of Aniporn Chalermburanawong of Thailand, Anindya Kusuma Putri that Indonesia, Mirjeta Shala that Kosovo, Sharlene Radlein the Jamaica, Kanisha Sluis the Curacao and Vladislava Evtushenko that Russia who deserve to suit increase for any type of of the semifinal placements and not come together surprises come pageants watchers anymore.

I know you desire something an ext from me about the swimsuit and evening gown presentations of miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Well, this much I have the right to say. Regardless of all the talks about the imperial blue creation by Albert Andrada allegedly not showing up on time for the show, she flashed a most elegant me in the red Oliver Tolentino original. She walk was elegant and refined. She carried life to the formal attire that could otherwise it is in so-so in freeze frames.

And in the the two-piece segment, she walked v confidence in a kind of walk every her own. She score high top top both turns for me. And a semifinal shout-out awaits – much to the applause the the huge Filipino audience top top the large night.

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So even if it is it boils down to the slimmest of spare part in cumulative tally or among the lower-positioned beauties climbing increase in rank based upon numbers keyed in by the decision-makers as compared to mine own, the an option of non-clappers come Sunday night will be fairly the strong field that challengers who have the crown the Paulina Vega in marksman’s target.

I will be most tense as soon as the nation names start getting announced by the hosts. This is miss out on Universe after all. And also let’s start the ultimate comparison through then. –