Firefox can stop working once the proxy server refuses connections. Let"s see why the error occurs and how you can fix it.

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Firefox is among the most famous browsers top top the market today. Through most intake numbers, it"s in 3rd place in terms of popularity behind just Google Chrome and also Safari.

Unfortunately, human being sometimes operation into typical problems while making use of their Firefox browser. One of those is an error where the proxy server refuses connections.

The an outcome of this error is the you won"t be able to access the net at all. World often assume the it"s an internet connection problem. However, over there are common fixes to this proxy server connection problem if you recognize where to look.

What Is a Proxy Server?

The most usual use of a proxy is inside a corporation. Companies frequently use a proxy server come "filter" all web traffic.

This proxy server is part of a two-way form of communication.

Incoming internet traffic is confirm for malicious attacks. Outgoing net traffic is filtered for employees who may be do the efforts to access inappropriate websites.

In part cases, a private internet company provider (ISP) that you usage at house may additionally require the usage of a proxy server. But, much more commonly your browser will have full access to the web without the usage of any type of proxy server.

The error shows up once your proxy configuration either ~ above your computer or your web browser gets changed. This deserve to be due to malicious software. Or it can be that someone inadvertently changed the Firefox proxy settings.

for this reason you"ll need to know where to look as soon as you have actually a proxy server connection problem.

exclusive Network: collection to No Proxy

The Firefox proxy server link error is usual if you"re utilizing Firefox ~ above a LAN, such together on a that company network.

The an initial place to examine is the your LAN settings are correct.

if in Firefox, In the menu, select Options. Scroll under to Network Settings, and click Settings.

This opens up the link settings menu.

proxy link settings
If you"re making use of the Firefox internet browser inside your own private house network, the odds are good you don"t need any type of proxy server configured at all.

Firefox defaults to Use mechanism proxy settings, yet if your own PC proxy settings are messed up, you have the right to resolve any issue by just transforming the Configure Proxy accessibility to the Internet setting to No proxy.

This ensures that your web traffic is walk out directly to the internet, and also not attempting to connect to any proxy servers first.

Restart Firefox to confirm that the proxy setting change addressed your link issues.

check PC LAN Proxy Settings

If your ISP does call for the use of a proxy server, and the Use system proxy settings operated up until now, then you need to examine whether the proxy settings on her PC changed for part reason.

girlfriend can inspect proxy settings on your windows 10 pc by clicking the Start menu, keying Configure Proxy Server, and also pressing Enter. Click on the Connections tab, and also then click LAN settings.

pc proxy settings
top top a network where your ISP doesn"t call for a proxy server for internet access, this setup is normally collection to Automatically finding settings.

However, on any network where an ISP or organization requires a proxy server, there space two options.

one of two people Use automatic configuration script will be selected and filled in. Or Use a proxy server for your LAN will be set, and the resolve and Port areas filled in through the proxy server details.

Automatic Configuration: If your ISP or firm uses an automatically configuration, then the Address field should currently be to fill in under Use automatic configuration script. You should have the ability to click that checkbox and also your internet connection will begin working again. Proxy Server: If your ISP or agency uses a particular proxy server, the Address field and also Port ar should currently be to fill in under the Proxy server section. Friend should have the ability to click the checkbox alongside Use a proxy server for her LAN, and the internet connection will work again. No Proxy: If you understand your ISP or company doesn"t usage a proxy server or an automatically configuration, and either the those room selected, that"s the cause of your Firefox connection issue. Just choose Automatically recognize settings to solve the issue.

If none of the areas are filled in, but you understand that your ISP or agency requires a proxy server, you"ll need to gain those details from the ISP or your company"s the Department.

Reset Network Settings

If nobody of the setting changes above helped, her system may need a network setups reset. If this is the case, it"s most likely that every browsers have actually been affected. No browser will be able to attach to the internet.

nevertheless of the reason, the easiest settle is just to reset your network settings. You deserve to do this making use of the adhering to procedure.

First, click the Start menu, type cmd, right-click on the command prompt and also select Run together administrator.

type the following commands in order.

netsh int ip resetnetsh winsock resetnetsh winhttp reset proxy These regulates reset your network interface and all winsock and also winhttp settings. If malware or anything else inadvertently adjusted these settings, these commands will collection things back to normal.

edit the Registry

One worry that can affect your network connection is if you used a proxy server earlier, but now you attach to the internet without it.

Often, there space leftover proxy setups in the home windows Registry. You deserve to clean these by adhering to these steps.

click on the Start menu, form regedit, and also press Enter.

Navigate to the registry path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings before you take any kind of of the measures below, right click on the net Settings folder and also export it to a safe place on your computer system as a backup. If anything goes wrong, you have the right to recover it by opening the registry and importing the file.

look at for any type of keys that mention the word proxy. You can delete those settings to eliminate the leftover proxy settings.

If friend don"t see any proxy setups here, shot clicking on the top level Internet settings folder, press Ctrl + F, and search for any registry secrets that contain the word proxy.

registry proxy settings
If the setup is a file path, either clean or delete the key. If it"s a Boolean setup like 1 or 0, change the setting to 0.

Restart her computer, relaunch Firefox, and also confirm that the internet link is working again.

avast antivirus
The worst situation scenario is that you"re infected through malware that"s continuing to alter your web settings.

If you don"t currently have antivirus software installed on her computer, look for out the finest antivirus app you can find and also install it. Run a full scan on your computer and also remove any troublesome apps that it finds. That may likewise be a great idea come install an excellent Adware cleaners, specifically as a internet browser add-on.

recognize When to Ask because that Help

If you"ve tried every the over options and you her Firefox browser still can"t accessibility the internet, it might be time come reach the end to the experts.

If you"re functioning at home, then provide your ISP a call and also let them walk girlfriend through any troubleshooting options. They may tell you that there"s an web outage in her area, or the your router needs a restart.

If you"re at work, it"s feasible your that helpdesk will tell you when the network is down, or that the proxy server itself is down. Either way, you"ll recognize that the problem isn"t with your very own computer.

If girlfriend do find that there"s malware or adware on her PC, follow our guide on removing malware come ensure the it never ever happens again.

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