When i was a tiny girl, my mommy struggled to curl my hair. She would make me sit in curlers for what felt favor hours, and when she traction them out...my hair was still straight. However, in middle school ns noticed mine hair acquiring curlier, yet no one taught me just how to take treatment of my hair. Mine sister called me to scrunch mine hair in mousse, and everyone has actually seen the result: crunchy curls. For this reason instead, I would dry my hair straight. For years, nobody knew I had actually curly hair.

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Then someday in high school, ns wore mine hair natural and also people didn"t acknowledge me. From that day on, i wore my hair curly. Mine curls are almost apart of my identity, now. Any type of of my friends will certainly tell girlfriend that i take an individual offense to civilization who say mine hair looks an excellent straight.

But my hair is additionally kind that a unicorn once it concerns curls. And also by unicorn, I median I have fine, thin, non-textured curls. My hair slips out of braids, and my curls require a tiny encouragement. Not enough product and also my hair looks flat. Too lot product and also it weighs my hair down. I"ve tried a water-mousse spritz, gel, several styling creams and different shampoos. I have scoured Pinterest for hours trying to uncover a solution. In ~ one point, i was utilizing six assets in stimulate to accomplish my desired look.

So as soon as all hope was practically lost, i watched Tori Kelly perform and immediately dropped in love v her hair. My mother said, "Her world probably spend hrs to do it look like that." i thought, No way, the looks as well natural.

So ns looked her up. Thank goodness, somebody had currently asked her around her hair. Tori shared the mystery to she luxurious curls: sea salt spray and also a diffuser. I had tried both individually, yet never together.


My life has actually not been the exact same since. The compliments I acquire now are almost on the daily. I am confident to call my self a curly-haired girl. I can format my hair through pride.

Due to all the moment I have spent researching, I know a lot around curls. And also if her curls need a little help, shot these steps:

1. Moisture. Get a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Then placed a moisturizing cream or coconut oil in your hair. (Without it, your hair do the efforts to get moistures native the air. That way frizz.)

2. Layers. Layers assist separate the curls, i beg your pardon create much more volume.

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3. Different length. Size weighs under curls. For this reason if her hair demands taming, grow it out. If the curls have to be coaxed, cut it shorter.