(tosses plural & third person present) (tossing present participle) (tossed past tense & past participle )

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1  verb If friend toss miscellaneous somewhere, you throw it there lightly, frequently in a fairly careless way. He screwed the record into a ball and tossed it into the fire...  V n prep/adv He tossed Malone a have the right to of beer, and took one himself.  V n n 
2  verb 
If you toss your head or toss your hair, you move your head backwards, quickly and also suddenly, frequently as a means of express an feel such together anger or contempt. `I"m sure I don"t know." cook tossed her head...  V n Gasping, she tossed her hair the end of her face.  V n prep/adv   Toss is also a noun., n-count With a toss that his head and also a couple of hard gulps, Bob perfect the last of his beer.  
3  verb 
In sports and also informal situations, if you decision something by tossing a coin, you spin a coin into the air and also guess which side of the coin will confront upwards when it lands. We tossed a coin to decide that would go out and buy the buns.  V n   Toss is likewise a noun., n-count usu sing It would certainly be far better to decide it on the toss of a coin.  
4  n-sing 
The toss is a method of deciding something, together as that is going to go an initial in a game, that consists of turn a coin right into the air and also guessing which side of the coin will challenge upwards once it lands. the N Bangladesh winner the toss and decided to bat first.  
5  verb 
If miscellaneous such together the wind or sea tosses one object, it causes it to relocate from side to side or up and also down. LITERARY The seas flourished turbulent, tossing the small boat favor a cork...  V n As the airplane was tossed up and down, the pilot tried to stabilise it.  be V-ed adv/prep 
6  verb 
If you toss food while preparing it, you put pieces that it into a liquid and also lightly shake lock so that they come to be covered v the liquid. Do not toss the salad until you"re prepared to serve...  V n Add the grated orange rind and also toss the apple slices in the mixture...  V n in n Serve straight from the dish v a tossed eco-friendly salad.  V-ed 
8 If friend say that someone suggests the toss, you room criticizing them for proceeding to argue for longer than is necessary around something the is not really important.  (BRIT) ♦argue the toss  phrase V inflects, oft PHR prep  (disapproval) They were still suggesting the toss about the an initial goal...  
9 If you say that you execute not offer a toss around someone or something, you space emphasizing that you execute not care around them at all.  (BRIT) INFORMAL ♦give a toss  phrase with brd-neg, V inflects, oft PHR about n, PHR wh  (emphasis) Well, who provides a toss about sophistication anyway?...  
10 If friend toss and turn, you store moving around in bed and cannot sleep properly, for example since you are ill or worried. ♦toss and turn  phrase Vs inflect 
  (toss-ups plural )If you say the it is a toss-up even if it is one thing will occur or one more thing will happen, you average that either result seems equally likely.  n-count usu a N in sing, oft N wh, N between pl-n It"s a toss-up even if it is oil prices will certainly go up or down over the job ahead.  

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