Travis Barker, drummer because that Blink-182, will be signing duplicates of “Can i Say” at new York this month.

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About the Authors:

Travis Barker is a musician, producer, and also entrepreneur who rose to fame together the drummer because that the influential punk-rock band Blink-182. Barker has additionally performed together a regular collaborator through artists consisting of LL Cool J, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Slash, mar J. Blige, Tom Morello, and also Cypress Hill, creating himself as one of the most prolific rock drummers in the world. Barker started clothing firm Famous Stars and also Straps in 1999 and LaSalle records in 2004. He resides in California and is currently working ~ above his second solo album.

Gavin Edwards is a contributing editor because that Rolling Stone and has written for Details, Spin, and also the new York time Magazine. That is the author of eight books, consisting of the New York Times bestseller VJ, which he cowrote through the initial MTV VJs. He lives in Los Angeles v his wife and their two sons.


About the Book:

Travis Barker’s soul-baring memoir chronicles the highlights and also lowlights that the renowned drummer’s art and also his life, including the harrowing plane crash that almost killed him and also his traumatic roadway to recovery—a fascinating never-before-told-in-full story of personal reinvention base in musical salvation and also fatherhood.

After breaking out as the acclaimed drummer of the multiplatinum punk tape Blink-182, everything readjusted for Travis Barker. However the dark next of absent stardom take it its toll: his marriage, chronicled because that an MTV reality show, fell apart. Consistent touring covert a severe drug addiction. A reckoning did no truly come until he was required to confront mortality: His life virtually ended in a horrifying plane crash, and also then his near friend, collaborator, and also fellow crash survivor DJ AM died of an overdose.

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In this blunt, steering memoir, Barker ruminates on rock stardom, fatherhood, death, loss, and redemption, sharing story shaped by decades’ precious of hard-earned insights. His pulsating memoir is as energetic together his acclaimed beats. It bring to a nearby the first chapters of a well-lived life, motivating readers to follow the rhythms of their very own hearts and also find an interpretation in their lives.