"Let"s bring it ago to the SOB days," Travis Scott stated a few songs into his music concert-slash-traveling circus-slash-performative Instagram experience at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night. Hmm, I can be misremembering things, but I don"t remind seeing huge fireballs, makeshift rollercoasters, and also frantic laser light mirrors the last time I quit by the humble Varick Street music venue. Yet those space all crowd-pleasing facets of Scott"s enormous "ASTROWORLD: great You to be Here" tour, i m sorry blazed through NYC this week for 2 shows comprised of the many impressive i know well hop pageantry this side of Drake"s flying Ferrari.

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Wait, did friend think i was kidding around that rollercoaster? Let"s skip straight to the apex of the evening"s performance: towards the last 3rd of the show, the crowds parted and a contraption to be lowered toward the center of the Garden (connecting the two stages Scott had collection up for the performance). Scott and also girlfriend Kylie zener were then strapped in (she appeared a little nervous around it), and also he proceeded to perform two song ("Can"t Say" & "Antidote") while their vehicle moved earlier and forth over the crowd towards a ring of light the was usually the Eye of Sauron.

Despite only having one top ten single in his reasonably brief five year job (and having under 1 million album sales), Scott is now performing in ~ the level that the most well-known rappers alive—by play MSG, the reverb-drenched Mozart of autotune join the ranks of lab luminaries and veterans like Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and also Jay-Z, at the very least in terms of what kind of group he have the right to command. And also as was on screen in full force last night, whatever he"s seemingly doing not have in world-conquering hits he an ext than makes up for in pure spectacle and crowd enthusiasm.

The "ASTROWORLD" tour is a type of recreation the the now-shuttered Houston amusement park Scott visited growing up. The tourism then is part homage, component populist practice with huge production values, and component wish-fulfillment. Did Scott flourish up dreaming of to sing while riding a ferris wheel upside down? walk he likewise dream of then enabling a couple of select pan the chance to take self while doing the very same as Scott rapped a song as necessary titled "Carousel?" and also simultaneously having actually fireballs spouting left and right from among two stages? We"ll never ever know, yet that is what involved pass critical night, together you have the right to see below.

There were video projections continue in the background transparent the night the accurately reflect Scott"s psychedelic sound, including a recurring motif that butterfly wings flapping in different colors. Throughout "Mamacita," over there was an image of horses on fire running towards infinity; throughout "Skeletons," also the regular video screens complying with Scott ended up being all warped and also gauzy approximately edges. In ~ one point, a tent came down so Texas iconography and carnival-inspired symbols might be projected. Eventually, it switched end to a giant live feed of Scott overcoming the arena.

There was likewise some kind of narrative about a young boy and also girl who gain separated by authorities, and the girl grows up to be a bald, naked computer lady who stays in balloon (?) and the young grows approximately a an extremely well-dressed rapper, yet it wasn"t rather as effective as as soon as the screen instructed the crowd to singalong come "FUCK THE society UP."

Rap mirrors in 2018 have an aspect of karaoke singalong come them: many nuance in the really music is sadly lost, and for someone prefer Scott, whose best songs space filled v beautiful & jarring production and textures, you"d think this would be a real problem. Indeed, the ideal musical moment of the night came throughout a large of song from new album Astroworld, particularly the outro the "Skeletons" which experienced Scott crooning "standing in the ocean" v autotune end warm, thick keys. Yet the many successful i know well hop reflects these days seem content through sacrificing part musicality in donate of bone-crushing bass and also a shouty audience singalong.

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And also this certain audience—which included a lot of teens just searching for a opportunity to stagedive—was insanity energized by Scott.

Scott has also brought a bunch that up-and-coming rappers along for the tour, consisting of Sheck Wes (who currently seems to be eclipsing some of the others), Trippie Redd (who was experiencing from strep throat and apologized come the audience for his voice) and Gunna, that joined Scott for "Yosemite." The greatest surprise that the night was when Kendrick Lamar himself strolled the end for his city on among Scott"s best songs, "goosebumps." nothing screams success in 2018 favor thousands that teens raising up your iPhones in unison: