Though the TUMI Luke Roll peak is expensive for a backpack, it partially makes up because that this by acquisition a military-inspired watch (the role top) and heavily stylizing it. This says a lot, because TUMI commonly focuses on appeal to the service aesthetic, quite than just selling pretty backpacks — it just so happens that this one manages to execute both.

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Price as reviewed: $395 in ~ TUMI


Measures 19″ x 14″ x 6″Dry weight of 3.2 poundsMade of ballistic nylon and leather (full leather alternative available)Expanded depth that 25″Carries as much as a 15″ laptopTwo side pockets with waterproof lining



The usage of a backpack is very linear: it goes on your earlier and carries your things. Whatever, at any time or wherever your bag could find friend is separate from the bag’s job to make it through the trip, while also keeping her belongings safe (and conveniently accessible). This backpack walk a great job doing just that.

Think about your favourite shirt, gadget, hat, also the shoes you wear: the taking to love of the thing isn’t instantaneous, but really a collection of tiny events that bring about your love it. So you can easily take it out a couple of times and also it will turn into your favorite backpack.

Unfortunately for me, by liking too plenty of well-designed backpacks that are an ideal for various scenarios — cycling, business, adventuring and also so ~ above — ns don’t really have the chance to usage it for everything. After ~ all, over there isn’t yes, really a bag that deserve to do the all.

The entirety bag is very thoughtful and smart that TUMI, and it shows.
TUMI took the basic roll-top design, added a ton of an excellent zippers and pockets, a method of accessing the roll-top pouch from the zippered ar at the back, 2 waterproof pouches and, to top it all off, a lengthy zipper on the side, i beg your pardon let’s friend stretch out the backpack and stuff it with ease.


And yes, for the service travelers, there’s a little leather card holder for your contact information — the whole bag exhibits these thoughtful and also useful additions.

One point that constantly concerns me about backpacks is exactly how they look at on my shoulders, but more importantly, a blazer. If the straps are too thick, friend look funny. Also thin, it looks favor a drawstring bag. In which method TUMI incorporated tons of cushioning on relatively chunky straps without setting my blazer style off. I m sorry is nice; and again, other that makes this roll optimal appealing to the business traveler.

Also, there’s small to no back sweat, thank heavens.

Bottom Line


Things ns don’t choose are much more subjective, like its lack of more color options, or the exclusion of one elastic pocket because that something choose a water bottle.

Things ns dislike around TUMI’s bag are much more subjective, like its lack of much more color alternatives other than black, leather, urban camo and also green, or the exemption of one elastic pocket for something choose a water party — arguably you could just zip the party in one of the former pockets.

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For those with the budget plan who need a service pack styled prefer a roll peak that can twin as an daily carry, climate TUMI’s offering must be best up her alley. It’s comfortable to wear, holds a ton of gear (enough because that a weekend trip), looks great and stop appearance with different levels of dress.