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When it involves abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), a great looking belly switch is an essential part of the equation. The finest plastic surgeons understand the fist to detail and method that go into developing a natural, attractive-looking navel.

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If you’ve ever wondered what wake up to the belly switch during ship tuck, Dr. Ronald Schuster shares the answer in this post.

Is the Belly switch Removed?

In most instances of complete tummy tuck, the belly switch does not obtain removed; in fact, that does not gain moved at all. It remains in place, and the skin about it moves.

The ship tuck scratch is made low on the abdomen, and also the abdominal muscle skin is lifted. Second incision is created about the belly switch in order to relax it indigenous the neighboring skin, however the belly button remains attached come its “stalk” in the abdominal muscle muscles at all times.

Once the separated or damaged abdominal muscle muscles have been repaired, the abdominal skin is re-draped much more tightly over the stomach to give it a flatter contour. Together the abdominal muscle skin is pulled down, it will cover the belly button, so a new opening in the skin have to be made for the ship button. The belly button is carried through the brand-new opening (imagine pulling a switch through a buttonhole) and also its edges room stitched into place.

In a mini ship tuck, just the lower abdomen (i.e., listed below the belly button) is treated. In those cases, the belly button is no touched or moved.

Creating an Attractive belly Button

Although the ship tuck scar is low sufficient to be hidden by underwear or a bikini button, the belly switch is in plain view, therefore it have to look natural and also attractive.

Creating a natural-looking belly switch requires plenty of years the honing one’s surgical an abilities and using a meticulous approach. The ship tuck surgeon have to pay close fist to the shape of the opened in the skin, and use cautious techniques come suture the belly button into its brand-new opening.

As you space in the procedure of researching plastic surgeons to perform your ship tuck, browse before-and-after photographs that the surgeon’s previous patients and also look carefully at the belly buttons. Do they look natural and appealing to you? If not, you need to find another surgeon whose aesthetic is much more in line through what you envision for yourself.

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