The latest chop of reality wannabes are right now performing for every they space worth in the UK large Brother house.

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The show has been running for just over five weeks and also one of the housemates is a young lady called Lateysha Grace, who was previously in an additional reality show, The Valleys (think Geordie Shore collection in Wales).

On Wednesday night she was evicted indigenous the house and duly made she appearance top top the spin-off show Big Brother's little bit On The Side.

During she interview, the host, (fabulous) Rylan Clark-Neal stated her twerking inside the house and asked her to demonstrate a 'proper twerk'.

Of course Lateysha was only too happy come oblige and also jumped up in she skin tight, strapless denim dress to shake her money maker. Regrettably (or not as the situation may be because that a reality wannabe), as shortly as she stuck that booty out to twerk it, the ago zip of her dress break-up right open, reflecting her teeny weeny pink thong encased in she bootylicious target cheeks!


significant twerk fail!

There the is!

Realizing the wardrobe break down immediately, she was mortified and also and screamed in fear clutching her behind, whilst Rylan and also the rest of the show's panel were open up mouthed in horror/hysteria—obviously the audience walk wild, cheering and applauding!

A classic live TV twerk fail.


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The 23 year old has actually run right into trouble with her ass before, together she revealed to the Daily Star the she had actually dodgy fillers injected in a bid to provide herself a substantial bum. ~ above a expedition to Miami, envious of the neighborhood ladies' junk, she acquired the variety of a woman that spoke no English, who came to the apartment and also injected fillers right into her behind. Amazingly (but every too straightforward to believe), she didn't examine the woman's medical credentials and received no aftercare. She had actually to pad she wounds with file towels as they to be weeping white stuff and also ever because she has been unable to sit down for an ext than one hour with getting sharp pains.

Undeterred though, the model, that likes to think she is the Welsh Beyonce (I'm certain Bey have to be flattered through the comparison), is currently looking into gaining a Brazilian Butt-Lift in her quest for booty-perfection.

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Maybe after her twerk fail she'll realize that if it's large enough come bust the end of her apparel it's large enough...

Helpful Rylan sat behind her and zipped she dress earlier up for this reason she could continue the interview —but she didn't tempt fate with another twerk. She later on said;

"I can't think that just happened."

Rylan summed up the minute pretty aptly;