Legend that Zelda: Twilight Princess Link

Custom Costume for Renaissance Festivals and Conventions

by Paul Bielaczyc

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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Link

From everyone who has actually met me ~ above the road, they know that ns am a huge fan the Nintendo, mostly due to the fact that of a couple of of your flagship series. I liked Metroid as a child, and also with the Gamecube and Wii releases of Metroid Prime, I just got more excited. Yet nothing created by Nintendo has actually been as interesting or significant as The Legend the Zelda series. From the original classic to what is thought about to be the best video game of all time, A connect to the Past, Zelda has always been innovative and also fresh.

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In 2003 as soon as I learned that the sequel to Wind Waker, and that it would be presented as the many realistic and gritty Zelda ever, I started planning this costume. So currently that I have actually finished my costume, it is time because that me to happen on what i learned.

When I started working on this costume, I determined that I want to go for the ideal of the best. Each piece was made by a experienced in the field, i.e. Seamstress, animal leather worker, etc. That way that the price on my specific outfit is a little bit on the pricey side, but you should have the ability to mimic that for much less money if you need to.

On to the components.

Hylian Shield



The crowning accomplishment of my costume, the shield was designed and built by me and Griffin the Griffin animal leather Works. The curved shield is make of 2 sheets that 1/4 inch plywood, with multiple great of animal leather on the front. The design was taken practically directly from display shots that Twilight Princess, with a few changes compelled for the leather medium. The animal leather stain resulted in a darker tone the I would certainly like, so i am right now in the procedure of lightening the blue ~ above the shield through some simple acrylic paint.

Bracers, bracer pads, and gloves



The gloves space brown animal leather gloves indigenous Wal-Mart. Ns forget the specific brand, yet they come in both brown and also black and also were offered in the winter that 2006. They have actually thinsulate lining so they work an excellent for colder weather too. Ns trimmed the lining out of the gloves, reduced off the fingers, and sewed shut every one of the seams that broke open cutting off the fingers. The gloves were $9.99 and took a couple of hours of work to get them ready.

The bracer pads are a dark environment-friendly suede. They wrap around the arms and also attach via elastic straps to the three celtic buttons. Lock work good for holding under the end of the gloves. These were made by Griffin as well.

Finally, the bracers themselves were tooled through Griffin and built through me. They room stained darker 보다 the video clip game, however have the design straight native Twilight Princess. They attach under the arm via 2 buckles.


The mail the I have is native Azon Corporation. I bought their short-sleeved tunic. It has the correct size for both the sleeves and also the body. The links are very tiny, having actually a really elven look and feel (think mr of the ring mithril), and are all device welded closed. The chainmail is steel, and also weighs only around 7 pounds. Very solid and really light-weight. The best chainmail ns have ever before seen!


These are my Minnetonka suede boots that i wear as soon as working shows. I have additionally made some custom boot covers that wrap around the knee high boots. My boots space black, however I can’t bring myself come spending $200 on boots until I discover the perfect ones.

Leather Shoulder Strap

Another piece built by Griffin, this is designed straight from the video game. I should have actually some far better pictures post soon.

Hero’s Tunic

The hero’s tunic and clothes to be made by a girlfriend in Atlanta, GA. Just like the remainder of the costume, they to be designed based upon the official Legend the Zelda: Twilight Princess concept artwork.I will certainly be working on taking an ext photos that the costume an extremely soon, so keep checking this accuse for an ext photos, details, and also information on mine Twilight Princess link costume.

Master Sword

All of the picture here display my first version the the understand Sword, which i purchased at a convention. Ns was never a big fan that the blade, but everyone bothered me, “so where’s the grasp Sword?” So i bought one. A young guy sent me a connect to a brand-new design that was released earlier this year, and also so i picked increase a brand-new sword.

As with many replicas, the looks pretty, yet it is definitely not a good sword. The weight on this tongue is so top heavy, the it is actually daunting to hold, it always pulls on her wrist. However, that looks amazingly accurate to the Twilight Princess game, and came with a scabbard, for this reason it was well precious the money. And also with most replica blades, that can easily be found on eBay.

I’ll leave you with the final photo that we took at our photograph session, it was a installation photograph.


I think that around covers it. If friend have any kind of questions, feel totally free to email me at paul at allisonbrookephotography.com. I would certainly love to talk about the costume if girlfriend have any type of comments, if I have actually some cost-free time.

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All full body photos of Paul were taken through Chip Talbert and also are offered with permission. Lock are additionally all amazing photos, Chip. Thanks so much for doing that.