You Reposted In the dorn Neighborhood is the name of a song by SHOKK青.

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<1> It combines the lyrics of "Shake That" by Nate Dogg and also Eminem through the critical from "Casin" through glue70.<2> It has actually inspired a series of remix videos top top Youtube.


SHOKK青 post "You Reposted In the wrong Neighborhood" come Soundcloud on march 24th, 2014. As of respectable 17th, 2016, the song has over 689,000 plays.

Two to the one native the one come the threeI like great pussy and I like an excellent treeSmoke so much weed girlfriend wouldn"t believeAnd ns get an ext ass than a toilet seat

While it"s unclear when the tune was an initial used in a remix video clip (reddit individuals on subject in /r/OutofTheLoop<6> and also /r/youtubehaiku<7> room baffled), among the earliest examples is a video<3> posted by Youtuber Rene Descartes on respectable 11th, 2015 referred to as "umaru go hard" (re-upload displayed below).


Remix videos with "You Reposted in the wrong Neighborhood" started appearing an ext frequently towards the finish of 2015. Sorox94 posted an Undertale variation called "You identified In the not correct Neighborhood"<4> that"s acquired 52,385 views together of respectable 17th, 2016 (shown below, left), while another uploaded by Frojo Memes<5> on December 26th, 2015 (below, right), has obtained 91,019.

More and much more video remixes have actually been post throughout 2016, as users have actually matched the song to clip of The Simpsons character Moe dancing,<8> Overwatch personalities dancing,<9> and also anime characters dancing.<10><11> ~ above June 8th, 2016, the YouTube channel "chill Station"<12> posted a "full version" the edited SHOKK青"s original article to include the whole a capella native "Shake That."

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