Our “Belly-Buster” Special promises two inches of fat lost full on your first visit or that is free!!!


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Let the inches fall off – body Slimming Sessions

August and also September bring in the changing leaves and also cool, fresh temperature. If you room excited about the loss season since now you can hide in your favorite sweater, human body Slimming Sessions will change that method of think. Imagine walking as much as the Thanksgiving table 20 pounds lighter! This is no a dream, this truth is simply a phone call away 719-597-5884. Consultations space free, and encouraged.

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1. V September, every body slimming sessions room $88 (a $200 value)!

2. 3 free “Belly Buster” slimming sessions with acquisition of our weight loss program.

Consultations room always complimentary with no pressure!

August & September 2018 Specials

At the peak of the mountain you just climbed overlooking whereby you came from

Shed the Winter Weight before Spring Break

Just a reminder, there space still 10 days left come take benefit of our February Specials. Spring Break is only a month away. Currently is the moment to start getting serious if you space wanting to shed that winter weight.

1.) an initial body-slimming session for $89 for new clients 2.) purchase a 3-visit package of body-slimming sessions and also get one cost-free session. 3.) obtain 2 free body-slimming sessions once you purchase our weight-loss program

Call united state at 719-597-5884 because that a totally free consultation to discover more.


Losing Weight

Weight ns after lateral view.

One that the hardest elements to losing weight is motivation. With that in mind, below are a couple of before and after UltraSlim’s weight loss photos. This gentleman removed unwanted pounds v Ultraslim’s effective, safe and also quick load loss program. In just 30 days, the is currently 21 pounds slimmer.

Let Ultraslim assist you lose weight by call us this particular day at 719-597-5884.

Weight loss before lateral view.

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Weight lose after lateral view.

More about Ultraslim’s ideal weight lose program…