If she facing any kind of issues through your USB Composite device such as they can’t work-related properly with USB 3.0 climate don’t problem as this guide will assist you solve this problem. It is really a happy minute that you bought a new laptop with the recent configuration. You might have heard that for faster paper transfer through USB ports, USB 3.0 is the most sought after port. Therefore, most of the devices are coming through this construction only. However, you might forget that what if you have actually an old press that cannot work-related on the recent USB 3.0 ports.

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“USB an equipment is an enlarge USB machine and can not work USB 3.0”

Most that the old gadgets work on USB 2.0 ports. It method you space going to experience some problems while connecting older gadgets with the latest USB 3.0 port. Among the most typical errors the you endure is “USB Composite device can’t work properly with USB 3.0”. However, in some cases, users suffer no problem while connecting the old press in the USB 3.0 port. No worries, you carry out not have to panic or throw out your old press out due to the fact that we are going to explain some methods to settle USB Composite device can’t work properly through USB 3.0 issue.


Fix USB Composite an equipment can’t work-related properly through USB 3.0

Make sure to create a reclaim point just in instance something walk wrong.

Method 1 – upgrade USB Driver

Sometimes it is all about the driver. If it is corrupted, to update or missing, girlfriend may challenge the above issue.

1.Press Windows key + R then type devmgmt.msc and go into to open an equipment Manager.

2.Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.

3.Right-click ~ above Generic USB Hub and select “Update Driver.”


4.Now choose Browse my computer system for driver software.


5.Click on Let me choose from a perform of chauffeurs on mine computer.


6.Select Generic USB Hub from the perform of drivers and also click Next.


7.Wait for windows to complete the installation then click Close.

8.Make sure to follow the procedures 4 come 8 for all the “Generis USB Hub” existing under universal Serial Bus controllers.

9.If the problem is tho not solved then monitor the over steps for every the devices provided under Universal Serial Bus controllers.


This technique may have the ability to Fix USB Composite device can’t work-related properly with USB 3.0, if no then continue.

Method 2 – Re-install USB controllers

Another an approach is that you have the right to rely top top is disabling and re-enabling her USB controllers. It could be possible that the problem is v the USB controller. You do not require to worry while adhering to the actions to conduct this procedure because that is totally harmless for your system.

1.Open machine Manager. Push Windows +R and kind “devmgmt.msc”.

2.Here you require to click on Universal Serial Bus controllers and also expand this option.


3.Here you need to right-click on every USB controller and also choose the Uninstall option.


4.You need to repeat the same procedure v all available USB controllers noted under universal Serial Bus controllers.

5.Finally, once you space done with the uninstallation process, you have to restart her system.

6.Upon rebooting your mechanism Windows automatically will scan your system of hardware changes and install all lacking drivers.

Method 3 – allow USB legacy support in BIOS

If you are still struggling through this difficulty you have the right to opt because that this method. You simply need to accessibility your BIOS settings to check whether USB legacy support is enabled or not. If it is not enabled you have to allow it. Hopefully, you will obtain our problem solved.

1.Turn off your laptop, then turn it on and simultaneously press F2, DEL or F12 (depending on your manufacturer) to go into into BIOS setup.


2.Navigate come Advanced using the arrowhead keys.

3.Go to USB Configuration and also then Enable USB heritage support.


4.Exit conserving changes and check if you’re able to Fix USB maker is an enlarge USB an equipment and could not work USB 3.0 issue.

Method 4 – prevent Windows from turning off the gadgets

Have you ever before noticed the for a moment your press gets connected and also then disconnected? Yes, there could be a windows glitch which automatically turns off the machine to conserve power. Usually, it occurs to just to conserve power in most of the devices, an especially in laptops.

1.Press windows +R and kind “devmgmt.msc” and hit get in to open an equipment Manager.

2.You need to navigate to USB Serial device Controllers.

3.You need to locate USB source Hub then right-click on every USB root Hub and also navigate come Properties and also choose the Power management Tab.


4.Here you must uncheck package “Allow the computer system to revolve off this machine to conserve power“. Finally, save your settings.


5.Reboot your system and shot connecting your press back.

Method 5 – USB 2.0 growth Card

Unfortunately, if none of the above-mentioned methods operated well for you to settle USB Composite maker can’t work properly v USB 3.0, you have the right to buy USB 2.0 growth card to connect your old printer through your new laptop.

Method 6 – Run Hardware and also Devices Troubleshooter

1.Press Windows crucial + ns to open up Settings then click on Update & Security icon.


2.From the left-hand menu make certain to select Troubleshoot.

3.Now under “Find and fix various other problems” section, click on “Hardware and also Devices“.


4.Next, click Run the troubleshooter and also follow on-screen instructions to Fix USB Composite an equipment can’t work properly v USB 3.0.


Method 7 – home windows USB Troubleshooter

Windows has actually its very own troubleshooting ar to assist all windows users. You can quickly take assist directly indigenous Microsoft to fix your problem. This web-based diagnostic and also repair tool of home windows will immediately detect the problem and also repair the or gives ideas to solve this problem.


Hopefully, these services will assist you to solve your problem. There could be other possible solutions as well, but we have consisted of the most efficient solutions for fixing USB Composite device can’t occupational properly issue. All you must make certain that you follow the measures systematically so that you have the right to expect the an outcome properly.

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I hope this write-up was helpful and also you have the right to now easily Fix USB Composite machine can’t occupational properly v USB 3.0, but if you still have any type of questions regarding this tutorial then feel complimentary to ask lock in the comment’s section.