at four that end at the open allude 2, 4, a closed point at 2, 1, and also another horizontal line starting at the open allude 2, -1.Find limit as x approaches two from the left of f of x. And also limit as x ideologies two indigenous the best of f the x..1; 1-1; 44; -1Does no exist; does no exist

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Well, in situation you want to recognize why that is right, here goes:If you are approaching 2 native the left you would certainly be looking in ~ the graph for values of xIf you space approaching 2 native the best you look at worths of x greater than 2. X>2. Below you room traveling on the horizontal line that if prolonged would overcome the y-axis in ~ -1. The is, the heat y=-1. So even though the worth of the function at x=2 is no -1, if you walk along this heat from right to left girlfriend are without doubt approaching a y worth of -1. The limit is -1.If that is the interest, due to the fact that the border from the left and right are not equal and not same to F(2)=1, the limit as x approaches 2 does no exist. The is, the left-hand (from the left) and right hand (from the right) borders exist however the limit itself (two sided limit) does not. Girlfriend were not asked this but it is a very common follow-up question given what you to be asked.
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30,000 is ______ time as lot as 30.So, __________ is 10 time as much as 3,000
Stella <2.4K>
It is 3 time as much as 30. 300 is ten times
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9 months ago
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SOMEONE assist ME please ASAP
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X = 4

Step-by-step explanation:

If ns am wrong ns am for this reason sorry

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10 months ago

An onion soup cooking recipes calls for 3 2/3 cup of chopped onions. Katrina has currently chopped 1 1/3 cups of onions. She wants to know

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Readme <11.4K>

Step-by-step explanation:

Let the variety of cups that onions Katrina still demands to chop = x

She has already chopped the onions = cups ≈ cups

So full amount the chopped onions = cups

Since, onion soup recipe calls for the chopped onions = cups ≈ cups

Therefore, equation which reflects the number of cups that onions to it is in chopped an ext will be,

We more solve this equation for the worth of x,

x =

x =

= cups

≈ cups

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How many much more cups of onions go Katrina still should chop tho?


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