Part 32: XXXII - Carnival the Death

The thread has actually decided. We space heading earlier to Santa Monica to wrap up the serial killer quest. Sure, why not?But if we"re there, let"s inspect in ~ above a couple of friends. The an initial is Mercurio, our good weapons supplier. Us last asked the to examine with his contacts, check out what he could get for us. That was a when ago, so he should have something now.There"s a problem, however. We have the right to no longer enter his apartment. Opened the doors go nothing -- the video game just doesn"t pack the appropriate area. We"re stuck. Ns attribute this to installing the 9.0 variation of WESP5"s patch.So we need to use the console come teleport right into the area. Finding the right combination of regulates to usage took much more time 보다 I would have liked, through the way. There"s changelevel, and also then there"s changelevel2. The very first removes all of your equipment and also money top top teleportation. That"s not all, however, because there"s likewise sm_apartment_1, and also then there"s sm_apartment_1b. Teleporting to 1b, making use of either changelevel or changelevel2, removes all of your items and also money. It"s just the combination of changelevel2 and sm_apartment_1 that does the trick.Uh... Or not. It"s all dark. Go Melissa experience her final death? Is she dead, Jim?Oh, no, she"s not. We just spawned waaaaay below the actual level geometry. We have to noclip up.Wait, what"s that room turn off to the side?Yes, that is who you think it is. In every area where you deserve to turn on the news, the anchor is spawned somewhere external of the continual geometry.Back top top track, here"s Mercurio. That was only on the beach to fulfill us prior to we shipped the end to the Elizabeth Dane. Now he"ll be in ~ his apartment from right here on. I guess he never bothered to clean the blood away because that old times sake. "The an initial time ns met Melissa". Okay, possibly not.Last time us asked him around a bunch of different weapons. That came v on one. Not selling him the end is entirely worth it. Let"s view it.This is (probably) the ideal shotgun in the game. Really lethal at close range. It has a semi-automatic function, in enhancement to single-shot, but that"s only advantageous for boss fights and also the like. We"re purchase it and filling up our ammo supply. There"s a reason why I have actually money conserved up, and also that reason is that there"s nothing rather to buy. Let"s chat an ext with Mercurio. You"re lucky. Have the right to I questioning you about the sheriff? Big, silent, stone cold palooka. Never ever seen "im in action but i hear things. Hear he"s the last thing you check out if you obtain on LaCroix"s bad side. Speak he fights prefer the devil. No the sort of man I"m gonna look at in the eye, you understand what i mean? How around Nines? Nines? Nah, I never ever actually met him, however I"ve to be hearin" about him for years. His operation"s crude, yet those anarchs room mad-dog vicious when they must be. City"s complete of "em. They"re none also friendly v the Camarilla, so it is in careful approximately "em. Understood. Tell me about Hollywood. Hollywood"s been great to me. Most my service comes native Hollywood. Male named Isaac operation the show. Genuine legend. Camarilla"s got no visibility to speak the there. Stop by the graveyard. Good customer o" mine works it.Nothing we didn"t already know. Thanks, Mercurio. We"ll check earlier in with you later.The following person(s) space at the Asylum.Therese still has actually the pistol in she hand, also though she supposedly offered it come us earlier in part 12. An excellent evening. What"s walking on in Santa Monica? Oh, allow me tell her! it is in my guest. Therese has actually officially sided with the Camarilla. Might be a prince, one day. And I - - just happened to find the pendant native the s House. Congratulations. If you ever need a favor, uncover me. Goodbye.Nothing particularly new with them. We knew that Therese had actually Camarilla aspirations indigenous the beginning. That was only a matter of time till she acted on them.The last familiar face we"re going to view is Bertram Tung.

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He doesn"t have anything new to say, yet for some reason, we can now communicate with his computer.We could have done this earlier in the game, prior to we ended his feud through Therese, yet that forced a lockpicking skill greater than we had at the time. Usually through Bertram here, we can"t communicate with his computer. I"m not certain why we deserve to now. Maybe it has to do v WESP5"s 9.0 patch.We"re checking his email first. The password is tung. Well, nobody stated he was original.
1 posted: I desire to see you shortly JeanetteI"m bored. Can"t you come game me? I"m at the club....XOXOXO
Jeanette sure prefer ellipses. Simply the prefer the teenager she pretends come be.The various other section the Tung"s computer is his notes on Santa Monica. The password is obfuscate.
asylum posted:Run through vampiric sisters. I choose Jeanette better than Therese.

gallery noir posted:There is a back entrance in the alley. Weak pipes in between parking structure and alley might be broken off.
That"s how a Nos would"ve gone into the gallery, making use of those pipes.Anyway, now to the key event.Our guy apparently left his organization card in ~ the last scene of the crime. Why the did this, ns don"t know. We"ll just need to ask.Remember, we met this guy earlier in the diner. He"s a vampire. Why would certainly he carry out this? Kill human being so gruesomely? He"s breaking the masquerade, placing us all in danger.Wha--:wesp:This small building really has actually nothing to it.Somebody need to have had fun comes up v these newspaper covers.Outside, there room two stereotypical junkyard doges. WESP has trapped them behind a locked fence.Behind us, the course lies blocked through crates -- the greatest foible the any video clip game protagonist.Jumping up to look beyond the crates, we discover the Santa Monica Slasher!He kicks the auto body in the air, crushing the crates. Obtaining hit in the wrong way here can result in instadeath.We proceed the chase......and the slasher kicks one more car, another attempt at death us.Another failure.And another.He climate kicks a stack of automobile bodies at us, however this too stops working to damages us.Up ahead...An explosion. The knew us were coming. No means he just had that catch lying around.Regardless, we proceed unscathed.His final trap thwarted, the Santa Monica Slasher was standing silently in wait.(Here, fifty percent the time, a moment triggers whereby the player no longer controls the protagonist. The computer walks gradually to the left, then, and also the Slasher operation forward to satisfy them. Here, that didn"t trigger, so we walk approximately him and speak.)"Vampire"? He need to be caitiff. Tell me why friend did it. Why the hell carry out you care? i don"t give a damn if friend understand. All the same, I"d love to hear her explanation.Come come think of it, have actually we heard anything about his motives?
Part 16 posted:
<. . .> Somethin" around revenge for what he did or what lock did. Th-the killer made sure the dead male knew who he was, and then ripped the open... Uh, simply tore the apart. The did it real slow; made the man scream.

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That defines why the kills to be so brutal -- it was personal. Yet, the fact that lock were such an open display screen of a vampire"s power just endangers various other kindred that had actually nothing to execute with everything happened. You damaged the Masquerade and risked the security of every Kindred. Girlfriend think her bullshit vampires rules way a goddamn thing to me? Nothing
problem to me. Don"t you want someone to understand your story? phone call me. So killing human being made you feel better? Not among them paid! My entirety family dead, my life gone. I"m supposed to let the happen!?! i understand. I tracked them down. Hunted them. One by one, captured them all. The one you witnessed in Hollywood, he to be the last of them.Muddy. Kilpatrick had a bounty out on him, and a project for us. No means we deserve to report it now. It"s additionally worth pointing out that this message:
Part 15 posted:
Mr. Milton, you know who this is, and also I carry out hope girlfriend realize the we"re tho on because that tonight. Satisfy me in ~ the agreed-upon location across from the bar through the underpass. Lug your associate, Mr. Durbin, as it is a two-man project I to be proposing. With any kind of luck you 2 are already on your way and i shall see you soon. Goodbye.
was sent by the Slasher. Very same voice. He collection them increase -- pursued them favor prey. Every for revenge. And also so her revenge is complete. Revenge. Justice. Every little thing you want to contact it. All ns thought around is taking these evil animals, take it them to shreds and licking their blood from my claws.Justice. A vigilante. A serial killer that only kills killers. We"re taking care of a vampiric-- let me action in here. Dexter! What are you law here? Oh, you know. Just right here to sell some advice. ... ... ...Which is? ns think you must go straightforward on the Santa Monica Slasher, here. Huh? Why? watch yourself in him? What? not a chance! lot to sloppy. As well public. Too open. Dominance number one, remember? bother would never approve. Still, that was simply doing what he assumed was right. For his family. ... Don"t be also harsh. Five yeah, Harry and the code. Hey, wait a minute, didn"t you have actually a revelation in ~ the end of season 2, wherein you--
surprised MOTHAFUCKA!Don"t any kind of of friend motherfuckers dare post Dexter spoilers, in or out of tags. I simply finished season 2. Don"t tempt me. You gained them. It"s over. Friend can gain on with... Life. Ns don"t know. Butchering those bastards to be the very first time I"ve feel anything because my family members was torn from me. I"m sure there are others the end there who crimes have actually gone unpunished. That"s the Beast talking. It has a hold on you. At the very least I placed it to use! How plenty of vampires have used their abilities for a simply cause? At least I walk something! Maybe, yet you shed control... And also have to be handle with.Believe it or not, us actually gained humanity from that last option. This only makes sense in context--the 3rd option to be to attack the Slasher unprovoked.There space really two ways this have the right to go: peacefully, or a bloodbath. The 3rd option actually renders us fail the quest, ending it instantly without any experience gain. No feeling in doing that. I"m letting the thread decide the can be fried fate that the Santa Monica Slasher. He did it for justice, come avenge his family. And also we might have the ability to convince him to prevent entirely. However remember, this is what his justice watch like: