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We’re gaining down come the wire. It’s almost time because that the wedding of well… not the century… and also not yes, really the decade. Let’s call it THE wedding the the very first months of 2017! Katie and also Schwartz room finally around to tie the knot, but before they gain there, the wedding party needs to endure car trips, tubing, and also one weird piñata.

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We start at Ariana and also Sandoval’s apartment, which has actually a scary amount of potted plants on its balcony. Prefer Final Destination-level scary. When Jax comes end to visit Sandoval, the dude is practicing the trumpet, naturally. This apartment is therefore weird. But the best revelation is that Schwartz has actually triplet brothers! did we recognize this?!?! go I have actually too much Sur sangria and also black the end at this nallisonbrookephotography.coms? It’s quite possible. Sandoval and Jax want to pay because that the triplets to be flown in because that the wedding. So the triplets reportedly live in Ulee, Florida, at home with your parents. I would like a reality display of this. Or at the very least waaay more information. Jax and also Sandoval speak to one that the brother and breakdown their setup to surprised Schwartz. The triplet then instantly asks if that should speak to Schwartz to tell him. Dude doesn’t really know the concept of a surprise.

Meanwhile, the ladies shot on their bridesmaid dresses, i beg your pardon conveniently have pockets that nicely fit airplane bottles of wine (Kristen demonstrates this). Brittany blabs the secret, though, around Schwartz’s brothers being flown in to Kristen, who’s prefer the town crier. So fingers crossed this mystery stays a secret.

Lisa Vanderpump come to job-related the following day top top a horse. Correct an really horse. Apparently, she witnessed a couple riding their steeds down the street in WeHo and decided to hitch a ride. This is part of what renders West Hollywood so “magical,” according to Vanderpump. Gays execute tend to bring magic come neighborhoods. Lisa top inside and also immediately watch a not-up-to-code sangria pour and takes that Jax for inspection. He fills the glass and also then ever so casually speak Lisa the Scheana is walk to watch a fertility doctor. Certainly something around your coworker that you must share through your boss. Definitely. Jax is simply concerned since he thinks something is up v Scheana and Shay, since the latter basically avoids all group activities.

I don’t know if you realized this, yet Stassi is suuuupes bummed out around being single. I also don’t recognize if you i found it the heavy sarcasm in my composing voice. So because that a “pick up,” she decides to execute a photo shoot. Hmmm. Once I have to feel happy, ns like get some Pinkberry or gain a drink through a friend. The folks on Vanderpump Rules phase a half-naked picture shoot. The shoot climaxes with Stassi put on a see-through onesie. Nothing says “date me” choose a slim jumpsuit.

Remember James? well he’s quiet on the show. That goes home with girl friend Raquel to have actually dinner through her mom and sister. He also decides to break the nallisonbrookephotography.coms come them at the dinner table the he to be fired indigenous Sur and Pump. Lock don’t seem also psyched by this nallisonbrookephotography.coms. Then, that starts crying, i beg your pardon really transforms this already-awkward dinner increase a notch top top the crazy meter. Oh and also he says that Kristen is a hooker you’d have sex through on the hood of your auto in a parking lot. He’s a genuine poet.

Remember Lala? fine she’s storta tho on the show. She shows up in the alley that Sur wherein Ariana is hanging out. Amidst the arbitrarily chairs and also gas tanks, Lala apologizes come Ariana because that ditching out on her b-day and basically vanishing. Then, she starts crying, which transforms this already-awkward convo increase a notch on the crazy meter. Lala heads inside to face Vanderpump. She again beginning crying and also reveals that she has actually crippling anxiety and also sometimes just like shuts down and doesn’t deal. Lisa is kinda like, “Ooooh sorry. But keep in touch!”

Katie and also Schwartz pack up your car, consisting of their wedding cake and a piñata, and also head for your wedding venue. Pretty much as quickly as they acquire there, the meet manager gives them the bill, which comes out to end $51,000. Now, Rules fans might remember the Schwartz was not comfortable with anything over $50k so, like, dude is not comfortable. The best part is the Katie “can’t find” she checkbook. Hahhahaah. Smooth move.

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But at some point all your friends arrive and this distracts Schwartz indigenous the ginormous check he’s forced to write. Much more disturbing is the truth that Stassi shows up through the piñata the we previously saw in Katie and also Schwartz’s car. What the hell taken place here? go the piñata fall out that their ago seat? was there some type of piñata snafu? This is the best Rules an enig since Sandoval provided Schwartz a black color t-shirt in NOLA and it magically turned white.