On Vanderpump Rules Season 7 episode 6, “Love her Mother,” Stassi it s okay a glimpse of she future. The Toms try to admire Lisa.

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The morning following Stassi and Ariana’s joint birthday party, the buzz is all around Stassi’s meltdown. The date of birth girl, who turned the huge 30, go postal top top her friend Beau, aka “the nicest man to ever be on the show.”

Stassi legit make Beau cry through screaming at him and also humiliating that in former of their friends. Feel everything kind of way you want to about that, however how does any kind of man really bounce ago from that sort of scene?


A sober Stassi is a i m really sorry Stassi. It’s her modus operandi to beg for forgiveness ~ resuming person form. Beau wants Stassi to number out what cause her change into a she-beast. Stassi genuinely doesn’t know, however she is deeply concerned Beau will certainly dump her since of the method she acts.

The an enig of why Stassi is, well, Stassi is in ~ the love of the episode. Yes, she’s dated a cable of losers. However the genuine reason Stassi is a chaos is the same factor we all space — our mothers (more on the later).

As if the charmed stays of this actors aren’t depressing enough, we learn Stassi has actually landed a book deal. That’s right, the woman who doesn’t know the an interpretation of the indigenous “galvanize” or “myopic” is acquiring paid to placed pen to file and placed her think on life out right into the world.


Jax and Brittany’s beer cheese and Stassi’s publication aren’t the only organization ventures the Vanderpump Rules‘ actors members are fostering this season. Kristen Doute launches her own T-shirt line, james mae (you can order one of her creations online for $36).

At the launch party, viewers reunite v Stassi’s mother, a large-chested redhead, Dayna, who likes come verbally abuse her daughter in public. This defines soooo much.

Tensions in between mother and also daughter erupt during a group outing through Katie, Kristen, and their mothers. The whole scene is prefer some bizarre time-traveling experiment unable to do wrong.

Dayna behaves choose a drunk, overbearing mother with no boundaries, and Stassi behaves prefer Stassi. This leader to both ladies going to their separate corners and crying while gift comforted by their corresponding pals.

It also causes Stassi to have actually an a-ha moment. Is she really like her mom????!!


Proving how tiny the human being of truth TV stars in reality is, viewers learn Scheana is not just dating SUR employee Adam (or at the very least she’s do the efforts to), yet she’s likewise spending time through his university buddy and also former Bachelorette suitor, Robby Hayes. Robby may have been dumped through JoJo Fletcher, yet he’s to be picked up by Scheana.

Robby won’t bang Scheana either, and also while their date feels choose it was plucked best out of The Bachelor playbook, one has to question Robby’s motives. Can’t uncover a girl who isn’t starring on a reality display to date?

James is still at the facility of this season’s drama. While the meets with a life coach that breaks his advice under to don’t be a d##k, Lisa calls a staff meeting to discuss James’ firing.

Things go south as soon as it’s sharp out exactly how much money James brings into SUR ~ above the Tuesdays (nee did bring in). That is disturbing the in the existing social climate, managers and/or owner would also entertain maintaining a wade liability choose James around.

Jax, who is also a lawsuit waiting to happen, doesn’t know the big deal around James. Leaving it come Jax to be blind to his own glaring hypocrisy. DJs may be a dime a dozen in L.A. Yet so room bartenders.

That’s not the point, is it? Those civilization aren’t top top a reality TV show.


What’s an especially laughable is exactly how the fact that James dubbed Katie fat keeps getting lugged up over and also over again. She to be incensed sufficient by his comment to need his head, but now it’s all anyone can talk about, blasting a spotlight on Katie’s non-existent imperfections.

It’s likewise odd to watch Lala, that is driving around in she man’s roll Royce while her Rover is in the shop, in ~ a employee meeting at all. Us all know this girl isn’t yes, really clocking in and out at SUR.

In fact, the likelihood that any kind of actual wait staff present up at this meeting is slim come none. What owner ever sits under to discuss who they pick to fire and also why v the help?

Speaking of the help, elsewhere in Queen Vanderpump’s West Hollywood kingdom, Lisa is eager to get the doors come Tom Tom open because she’s promised the venue will certainly be ready for a Daily Mail TV party.

While Lisa has, for the many part, relegated the 2 Toms to the kid’s table when it comes to their namesake bar, she does provide them a chance to come up v a signature cocktails because that the party. The boys have actually 40 recipes in your arsenal, and they control to market Lisa ~ above three.

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But there’s trouble brewin.’ The customer has requested that James DJ the party, and that makes Katie very, very unhappy.