Chris and also Vanessa Spencer have actually been married for over a decade and also their love just continues to prosper stronger as the years go by

Vanessa Rodriguez Spencer (L) and Chris Spencer (Getty Images)

How did Chris and also Vanessa meet?

The couple met at a soul airplane party. Chris defined the moment of first seeing her to a scene from the movie, "The Godfather", wbelow Michael Corleone moves to Italy after killing McClusvital. When Micheal remained in Italy, he sees Apollonia for the initially time and also feels prefer he had been hit by a thunderbolt. Chris swears that he felt the same method as soon as he first observed Vanessa.

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In the documentary, they spoke around just how Vanessa was prepared to walk amethod from her partnership through Chris despite being in love with him because it reminded her too much of a previous partnership.

In the earlier connection, she was apparently strung alengthy by her companion, bereason that person didn"t recognize what they wanted. When she felt that her partnership with Chris also was headed in the very same direction, she determined to finish points through him. It was throughout this turbulent breakup that the couple finally sassist "I love you" to each other for the first time.

Chris Spencer and also wife Vanessa Spencer (Getty Images)

The couple ultimately ended up remaining with each other and gaining married in 2006. They have actually two beautiful kids together. Even after several years, Chris still spares no chance to declare his love for his wife to the human being. He generally posts images of her through lovely captions.

Last year on Vanessa"s birthday, Chris took to his Instagram to short article a cute picture of him on his knees begging Vanessa. He captioned the picture: "Happy Birthday to my bride
vspencerbx22 If we were to renew our vows, this is just how I would certainly propose to you. I would certainly beg you to proceed to give me the life, love and also honesty you’ve provided me, to proceed to educate and also nurture our beautiful children. I would beg you to continue to spcheck out your wit, humor and also knowledge throughout our culture, our world, our human being. Tright here is no one on this earth, AND I MEAN NO ONE, favor you. I love you madly. Happy Birthday, Baby."

Alengthy through their love, the couple additionally controlled to prosper their net worth over the years. Chris and Vanessa"s net worth is estimated at $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.To watch more of Chris and Vanessa, you have the right to tune right into VH1"s "Love & Hip Hop: It"s A Love Thing" which premieres on Monday, February 1, at 8 pm.



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