I love the movie. It’s among those that if the on TV, I will watch it no issue where i picked it up. Let’s be honest, anything with Texas high college football is going come play with me. Well, really any type of football movie. Also the ones that aren’t any type of good.

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But this one stand the test of time. From Texas football come heartbreak to teachers gift strippers to part all-time price quotes to…

… the Ali Larter whip cream bikini scene.

I don’t treatment if you male, female, gay, straight, bi… friend appreciated that scene then and also you appreciate it now. I remained in elementary school once it come out, but remember thinking “I can’t wait to try to traction this turn off one day once I’m old enough and boys actually choose me.” (Sorry mom and also dad). For civilization my age, that was one of those eye opening moments whereby you establish you have no idea what older people are in reality up to.

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And here we are, 20 years later and it’s still the GOAT. However it gained me thinking, what space the many iconic bikini scenes the literally every human being (except the prudes and also jealous folks) can appreciate??

I asked around the office (by the common man, for the common man) and also these were the most famous answers:

Phoebe Cates – rapid Times in ~ Ridgemont High

Halle Berry – Die one more Day

Jessica Alba – right into the Blue

Jessica Biel – Summer Catch

Denise Richards – Wild Things

Wendy Peffericorn (who care what her actual name is) – The Sandlot

The Brooklyn Decker vs. Jennifer Aniston fight – simply Go through It

Kate Upton – The various other Woman

Jessica Simpson – Dukes that Hazard


UPDATE: Kevin and Feits were an extremely upset they forgot Tara Reid in van Wilder

I’m certain we forgot a couple, yet it sparked rather a conversation in ~ HQ top top this lover Tuesday.

Happy 20th Anniversary Varsity Blues!

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