Darts room popular anywhere the world, people play that game from early childhood to old age. This video game can it is in easily referred to as evergreen. That has evolved from throwing arrow tips come the contemporary electronic dart boards and plastic soft tips. That is natural that parents desire to indicate their kids in this game.

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The parents are always looking for gamings that would certainly be fun, educational, improve coordination, gets them moving around. However safety is important, and also giving spicy objects is no really an option. For this reason the Velcro dart board came into play. Castle were an unified with tiny balls wrapped approximately with Velcro ice cream to make the game even safer, and also to aid the youngsters improve their coordination before they move to Velcro tipped darts.

Altogether, they make a yes, really fun video game that is fully beneficial for small children, for sure no downsides. So if you room looking to buy this video game for your little ones, inspect out this list, we have actually compiled a breakdown on the 15 that the most famous Velcro dart board sets.

You will probably discover what you room looking for. After ~ the breakdown, we will certainly talk more about the benefits of this game.

Here room the finest Velcro dartboards at a glance:

Brand and also ModelTypeAgeSizeMore Information
Classic Velcro Dart BoardVelcro3+13.5″Check present Price on Amazon
BetterLine Fabric and Velcro Dart boardVelcro3+14.5″Check existing Price ~ above Amazon
YESMARKS children Velcro Dart BoardVelcro3+13.8″Check existing Price top top Amazon
Velcro Dart board for KidsVelcro3+14″Check current Price top top Amazon
B. Toys kids Fabric and also Velcro Dart BoardVelcro3+17″ x 20″Check existing Price top top Amazon
Nerf sports Velcro TargetVelcro8+26″Check present Price on Amazon

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Table the Contents:

The ideal Velcro Dart Boards

The ideal Velcro Dart Boards

B. Toys – Hungry Toss Shark playthings – children Dart board – 1 cloth Board & 4 Soft Darts for youngsters 3+

Interesting twisted on a well-known game. Rather of balls, your children will be throwing tiny fishes to a dartboard shaped like a shark’s mouth. Therefore the fun will be double. This play set includes 1 shark fabric dart plank with 4 balls designed like fishes.


It is not difficult to hit, since the dimensions are 17inches X 20 inches. The interesting style is no the only feature that this set has going for it. The is BPA and also phthalate free and We.Org receives a part of sales indigenous every B. Toy purchased. The is lightweight and can be hanged everywhere. So that is safe in every means and friend can aid a an excellent cause by purchasing.

The users are not reporting any significant drawbacks.


Interesting designBPA freeThe manufacturer donates part of the sales benefit to a great cause


In the package, friend will obtain just 4 fishesThey can not be purchase separately

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WEY&FLY sticky Darts board Set

This 12 customs dartboard comes with 4 softballs and a twist. It is double-sided. ~ above one side there is a standard score keeping board. Top top the various other side, there space three box in i m sorry the balls need to be thrown in. The is a nice enhancement to the game, and also it will probably keep the children interested for a much longer period.


It is lightweight and also easy to cave anywhere. The balls stick come the smooth board, and also they carry out not have Velcro tape about them, they usage another way for difficult to the board. That is gentler to the hands 보다 Velcro, which can sometimes irritate the child’s hands. Also there is no Velcro ice cream that have the right to sometimes fall of the balls. The users describe this item together sturdy and of great quality.


Interesting designDouble sided v two different gamesIt is sturdy and quality made.


The price is somewhat higher than the competitors

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Matty’s Toy avoid Deluxe 12″ towel Safety Dart Board set with 6 Hook & Loop Balls

This dartboard is 12” in diameter, and also it comes through 6 Velcro balls. The lightweight dartboard is easy to hang anywhere. It is totally safe because that children, and can be offered from eras 3 and also up. No must say it is fun. The Velcro hooks hang tight come the board so the balls will certainly not fall off by themselves.


Most customer complaints are about the top quality of the product. The Velcro tape is falling off the balls, and have to glue it back. The wire or plastic framework inside the target is just a little warped so the doesn’t quite lay flat versus the door. This problem doesn’t really influence the play.


 Not expensiveEasy for play


Questionable quality

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Kids Dart Board video game with 6 Balls making use of Hook-and-Loop Fasteners | 11.8 inch (30 cm) Diameter | standard Game and also Safe for kids by better LINE


This 11, 8 customs dartboard is make of textile and comes through 6 Velcro covered balls in two different colors. It is lightweight and also can be hung anywhere. The balls stick well to the board, yet still come easily down as soon as you traction them, without pulling the whole board the the wall. That comes with 100% Hassle-Free- Guarantee. You have the right to return it for a full refund. Some individuals mind the the balls room made of wood, no from soft materials.


The set contains 6 balls.


It is not cheapConsidering what the offers

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Maranda enterprises Target Toss

Another exciting twist is awaiting you through this dartboard. IT has actually Velcro squares top top it, and also the balls are regular cloth balls, without Velcro. That way that even if you lose some balls, you have the right to use tennis balls instead. The is a yes, really nice option. The dartboard is do of great quality rubber and also nylon, that is foldable and also inflatable.

Target Toss have the right to be played at the office, tailgating, camping, blow up inner bladder provides Target Toss safe and portable. It has straps therefore it deserve to be hanged anywhere. It can be provided outdoors and indoors.


The client complain mostly around the wait bladders the don’t hold air for also long. The Velcro ~ above the plank rips conveniently through the gentle balls. Yet they deserve to be substituted through tennis balls.


Interesting designVelcro on the board instead of ~ above the ballsCan be provided outdoorsGood quality


The balls may be too gentle compared to the harsh Velcro ~ above the board

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Nerf Sports challenge Tailgate Target

This interesting dartboard is intended for outdoor use, mostly stretched ~ above your car tailgate. The collection Includes one nerf Tailgate Target and also three nerf Velcro balls. The easy fold nerf Tailgate Target has a 26″ diameter. Adjustable support straps are compatible with many vehicles & tailgates. That is plan for eras 8 and also up.

Most client complaints space that the balls room too lightweight and also that they do not stick to the board very well.


Interesting designOutdoor and indoor useLightweight and safe balls


Just two balls

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Wooden Crotch / Fork / Sling Shot with 8 piece target balls through Scoreboard

This 14 inch dartboard comes with eight balls in four various colors and also a nice twist- a slingshot, to make this video game even an ext interesting. The manufacturer has actually used high-quality products which room outdoor-use friendly. The UV- rays and the rain will not hurt them.

The users have actually no particular complaints about this model.


The collection has eight ballsIt can be provided both outdoor and indoorThere is a slingshot in the set


The price might be a little higher than the competitors

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Toysmith Get exterior GO! Neon Dart round Set

This dartboard set has 3 balls and an interesting feature. The target can be inflated, and also it have the right to reach a size of 24 inches. The is the biggest target we extended in this review.

It is recommended for ages 3 and up, and the bigger target can be an excellent for smaller children to learn to throw and hit the target immediately, and also not obtain discouraged through misses. What is largely reported together a difficulty is a reality that the doesn’t hold air long, and also needs to it is in re-inflated regularly.


Inflatable huge target.


The target doesn’t hold air well, needs to it is in re-inflated top top a constant basisThe price is a small bit greater than the competitors

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Velcro Dart plank Ozean Game

The manufacturer claims that this is a wooden board, more durable than cardboard or textile board. The is not too large, around the size of a dinner plate. The develop quality appears to be good, as customers report.

The wood provided for the board renders it an ext durable, yet a tiny heavier than cardboard or cloth boards, so it can not be hanged almost everywhere you want, and also it demands to it is in secured.


Good qualityWooden board


Small board

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The services of the Velcro Darts Game

Modern parents have less time to invest with your kids and often do the failure of giving them part modern way of entertainment, a tablet, smartphone, or laptop…

Everyone is conscious that contemporary games and entertainment because that the kids are more and an ext pinning them to the screen. They are designed to market them instant satisfaction. If they want to clock something, they can just fight the button. They do not have to wait for the present to start on TV. If they desire to play some game, they have settings easy to hard. The easy setting gives them instant satisfaction. They do not have to make any effort, wait for something, and shot harder…

That trend is raising as an innovation progresses. The kids construct problems through the mobility of their fingers, they lose the capability of face expression and also can have posture problems.

So that is an essential to sell them some kind of to chat that have the right to be advantageous for them, and keep your attention. Introducing –Velcro darts.

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They room safe sufficient to let your children play alone. They aid improve their coordination, mobility of their fingers, hands, and also shoulders as soon as throwing. They need to walk to the plank to unpin the darts and also balls. The game will make them desire to enhance their throwing an abilities in order come hit the bulls-eye. They will develop competitor spirit, not only with against others but against their vault results.

The video game itself will certainly teach lock that need to make some initiative in stimulate to reach satisfaction, it will certainly not it is in handed to them top top a platter.

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This game is additionally a good opportunity for parents to invest some quality time with their kids, enhancing on their bond. It will be fun for parental too. The children love gamings that encompass repeating the very same procedure over and also over. For many of the parents that have the right to be a nuisance. This type of repetition will surely not be boring. The will also be a good recreational and also fun activity for the parental too.

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Unlike several of the contemporary entertainment that constantly make parents feeling guilty about, there is certain no downside to this game. It can be took pleasure in without restrictions. It is safe, easy to set-up, helpful in so many ways and also affordable.