Originally released in 1992, Rapture by Victorias Secret, has actually been discontinued, lugged back, and discontinued again, for this reason it deserve to be complicated to find a bottle.

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The great news is that there room sellers on amazon and also eBay if you just need a solve plus we have found a pair of comparable smelling perfume on the industry today.


Perfume similar to Rapture through Victorias Secret

Fragrantica.com user 1 says

“bit storage of the original Bijan, but perhaps no as complex.”

Fragrantica.com user 2 says

…”smells very much prefer Guerlain Samsara, also if that doesn’t have actually the very same notes, favor sandalwood which is very intense in Samsara. Very similar I find. Probably it’s the amber, both have actually it in the notes and both are really ambery.”

Everfumed.com says

“For a similar sexy scent prefer the rapture perfume, try out Guerlain’s Shalimar, YSL’s Opium…”

Reviewer indigenous makeupalley.com said:

“Ladies, if you were a fan of this perfume and also are so sad it was discontinued (like me!) try “CHILD” by Susan Owens. The smells IDENTICAL and also has most of the main notes Rapture had!!! Rapture: citrus/vanilla/jasmine/rose/amber/wood notes and Child: citrus/vanilla/jasmine/rose/wood notes!!! (minus the amber and couple other ones) for the most part, the two are practically indistinguishable!

If you acquisition Child (it is exceptionally expensive however if you love this notes, a tiny splurge i will not ~ hurt once in a great while) only dab it lightly on every wrist and behind the knees. Don’t apply near the face or you’ll gain a headache. The has powerful sillage (like Rapture had) and also even applied with the really lightest touch, you will certainly still smell it; you’ll acquire wafts the it around you throughout the day, which is heavenly. :)”


What go Rapture by Victorias an enig Smell Like? (The smell, aroma, and fragrance.)

It is described as an oriental Spicy fragrance for females with height notes the orange blossom and also citrus and warm amber base.

Top notes: Orange Blossom and also Citruses

Middle notes: Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose and Freesia

Base notes: Amber, Heliotrope, Musk and also Vanilla.



When Rapture through Victoria’s mystery was ~ above the market for the second time it offered for around $30.00 -$50.00.

Currently offering on amazon the brand-new relaunch bottle: Rapture 1.7 oz bottle Eau De Cologne. Examine Price.

Rapture 1.7 oz party Eau De Parfum. Examine Price.


Selling at a steep price the original bottle: 1.7oz party Eau De Parfum. Examine Price.


Original Packaging VS Relaunch Packaging

Originally included in a gorgeous yellow encrusted amber heart shaped bottle.

Now packaged in plain clear perfume bottle. No bells and whistles the second time around.



What perform others say around Rapture through Victorias Secret?

“Rapture is a heavy, syrupy, resinous floral. That spicy and warm, yet it doesn’t feel welcoming; more like challenging. Sometimes sharp scents can feel thin, yet not this one. Rapture is sharp, but likewise hugely bold, in the method of many classic vintage perfumes native the ‘75–’95 era. Erba Pura wishes it can be this good.

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It’s unquestionably womanly and also unapologetically dominant; a hot-blooded, cool-headed woman. She supplied to model and also she do some good money in ~ it, then acquired out prior to she aged out. She attract emerald earrings she bought herself once she rotate twenty-five, and also she has a much better stock investment portfolio than most of the company men who try to give her beginners’ tips when they discover out she in the market.

In short: i love this. The is unquestionably dated, much too loud for the modern world.. And also it’s wonderful.”


“Of every the Victoria secret scents, this is my all time favorite. Every time i wear this perfume I gain compliments ~ above it. I have actually had human being stop me to ask me what ns was wearing. I have also found that this is a man stopper. Ns actually had a man walk right into a wall one time and also come ago and ask what perfume ns was wearing. LOL!!!Of every the Victoria an enig scents, this is my all time favorite. Every time ns wear this perfume I get compliments top top it. I have actually actually had people stop me to ask me what i was wearing. Ns have also found the this is a male stopper. I actually had actually a man walk right into a wall surface one time and also come ago and questioning what perfume i was wearing. LOL!!!”-influenster.com-

“Love love love my favorite scent. Mine husbands favorite odor on me. Warm sweet amber, for this reason sexy and intoxicating. I honestly couldn’t love this more. Just delicious. I need a dupe so i don’t run out of my bottle. I have actually an original heart shame bottle, and the bottle fits the scent.”


“I love this perfume. I was therefore sad the Victoria’s secret discontinued Rapture. I have a tiny left and also I’m savoring every ounce. I constantly get compliments as soon as I have actually it on. Please Victoria’s secret Rapture Eau De Cologne carry it back! It has actually a irradiate musky. Carry it back!!!”


“Retired scent. Relaunch. Retirement again. I had actually the love shaped years ago. I bought this in the Summer and nearly sold due to the fact that it is not a summer scent. Ns tried the today currently December and cold and also 100% various as a MUST have for winter. This odor is a warm practically honeyed amber slight increased soooo heat it renders the cold a snug place. So gorgeous together I remembered. Winter decent only. Too heavy for 100 level temps.”


“Definitely the many intoxicating that the VS scents. Some are ok, most remind me of human body spray kind scents but Rapture seems from another era. Its very warm and mostly rule by sandalwood, light citrus and amber however not in ~ all like Revlon Fire & ice .Not as well sweet, yet not bitter or sour. If you prefer scents prefer Samsara, Opium and Baiser du Dragon you will most likely like this. I m really sorry its discontinued along with my various other VS favourite Heavenly. Ns might try to buy a bottle before it gets ridiculously expensive.”